How does a Ramrod mini skid have such a higher capacity then the other mini's?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by syzer, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. syzer

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    We are looking at getting a new mini skid. The two top contenders are the vermeer and the ditchwich. I am not a fan of ramrod, but one thing has me really considering it, and thats the lift capacity. It has a lift capacity of 1150 pounds to full height, and can carry around 2300 pounds.

    Most other mini skids are about 600-800 pounds lifting capacity and maybe 1k-1200 tip capacity. Can anyone fill me in on how this is so? Looking at them in person I don't know why they would have such a strong lift capacity beings they are all basically the same size. Is it just a combination of ramrod padding their numbers and others being very conservative?

  2. drmiller100

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    do they all have the same lift height?
  3. syzer

    syzer LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Nah, they are all over from like 65"-80" thats to the pin. I just dont see how the ramrod can lift so much more.

    No one knows?
  4. AintNoFun

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    i would think that being able to ride on the machine would also add to the lifting capacity.. a person on the back makes an excellent counterweight...
  5. syzer

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    True, but the others also have the ability such as the vermeer and the ditchwich and still have almost only half the carrying and lifting capacity.
  6. drmiller100

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    in full size skid steers the geometry determines how high it lifts, and how much it lifts, and how much it weighs.
    often there is a trade off between these three things.
  7. Vermeer

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    In looking at their website spec's it looks like they are saying the track machine can lift 2,300lbs. :confused: In the February 2006 article on mini skid steers by Construction Equipment magazine they rate their operating capacity at 475 lbs at 35% of tip capacity which is 1357 lns. I believe their literature is rating their weight not their lift. As with any spec the only way you can be assured is to demo and compare.
  8. syzer

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    Ya, I initially thought that as well. My dealer just became a dealer for these guys and we were comparing specs of the three we are considering. He keeps falling back to this, and I cant really fight because its an awesome spec to have on his side =).

    In their PDF here:

    They say in their "MORE Lift Height and Capacity" section:
    "The Taskmaster 1150 track unit can lift 1,150 lbs. (523 kg) to the 72" hinge pin and carry up to 2,300 lbs (1.046 kg).

    They go on to say on another section all this with a 180 lb person in the saddle.

    I am really just shocked at their rating capacity, its not only a few that are in this league, there are NONE. I dont see anything really different with this machine then the others. I used it at my dealer and took it to a large dirt pile in the back and wasnt too impressed with its digging ability. We were digging into an old mound of dirt, so a bit hard, but I thought it should have been doing a bit more then it was. I have never actually used any other mini though so take this with a grain of salt, they may be all like this. This isnt our main use, so it doesnt really effect what we will do much, but of course its nice to get as much power as you can get.
  9. tthomass

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    whats the price tag on these?

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