How does Corn Gluten Mean look when pelletized

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by HK45Mark23, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. HK45Mark23

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    What should corn gluten pellets look like? Should it smell like sweet feed? To pelletize corn gluten meal do they use molasses as a binder? I found corn gluten meal pellets at a coop for 6$ per 100 lbs. and purchased 400 lbs today. My concern is that it smells like sweet feed and is dark brown. I just want to know if that is how the product is supposed to look, or should I call the coop tomorrow and question them as to what they sold me.
  2. HK45Mark23

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    Here is a picture, it is fuzzy but at least you can see the color and texture.

    Yeah I misspelled the word Meal in the thread title, I meant Corn Gluten Meal.

    cgm 1.JPG
  3. NattyLawn

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    I haven't used feed grade CGM, but the product I used is bright yellow and doesn't smell sweet, at least to me. The color might have something to do with the molasses though.
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    Looks like CG feed to me, and the price seems about right, only has half the protien of real CGM.......but its not like you can substitute 1 for the other in Lawn Care.........just some words of wisdom:nono:
  5. nocutting

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    Hello Matt, Feed Grade looks just as you discribed, bright yellow [ just like chemical pre's, sort of odd dont you think] ay to ch is looking at the protien % on the side of the bag
  6. NattyLawn

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    I think I mis-read that...He was asking IF they use molasses to bind...

    Saxon...I had more than one LCO that saw me covered in yellow ask why we still use Pre-em and should switch to Dimension or Barricade...Then when you tell them its CGM they abort the conversation real fast.
  7. Yard

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    Does CG feed still have the same prem properties of real CGM, or does it work half as well because of the protein content? How about cracked corn? Man, the price difference is sure unbelievable.
    What is the brown color from? The turf type CG I've used was yellow, it wasn't powdery like corn meal but it didn't look pelletized like that. That picture reminds me of pelletized compost.
    Let us know how it works for you.
  8. NattyLawn

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    There have been a lot of threads about feed grade CGM working for some LCO's. This was posted by timturf in another thread, but the link doesn't seem to work anymore:

    <<Originally posted by timturf>>

    Found this tonite, while looking for something else

    research at Virginia Tech, reported 01/29/02

    Commercially available corn gluten meal products control crabgrass preemergence. However, duration of control is not as long as with commercial herbicides. Prolonged weed control will likely require multiple corn gluten meal applications. However, multiple corn gluten applications in cool-season lawns will surpass recommended nitrogen rates for cool-season turf. Although cheaper, feed-grade corn gluten does not adequately control crabgrass.
  9. HK45Mark23

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    Well I figure even if it does not work as good as a pre-emergent, that it will at least prevent the first crop of dandelions.

    I also figure that some of the fertilizer properties will take affect as well as the promotion of ant-pathogenic fungus.

    Also I understand that molasses feeds the microbial herd and promotes nitrogen production.

    So at worst I won’t get the pre-emergent properties I desired. But at least I will have (1) promoted the microbial herds nitrogen production, (2) promoted a good fungus that will protect the grass from pathogens and (3) fertilized the lawn.

    I did all of that on 20,000 sq ft of turf for $25.00 and it smells so good.

    Also I found a different coop that has 50 lb bags of actual corn gluten meal for $13.00. They will have it in stock tomorrow and are willing to order it earlier next year.

    I am proud to say that I have a bottle of Alaska Fish Emulsion and a new sprayer. I will be using that on my personal lawn in a month or two. I have found two local suppliers of the fish emulsion.

    Does any one in Southwestern Indiana, Northwestern Kentucky or maybe Southeastern Illinois know where to get “Woodstream Ringer Lawn Restore?” I am looking for any organic products but really need a supplier of Ringer closer to home.

    I am also interested in information on any other CGM suppliers in my area don’t care if it is bagged or bulk. It is good to have more than one supplier.

  10. NattyLawn

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    All right, looks like your set then. As far as fish emulsion, I recommend fish hydrolysate. Check here for a lot of reasons to switch:

    As far as Woodstream goes, you're probably not going to find much luck with that from us. It's more of a homeowner product than one for LCO's to buy and use. It's around 30-35 a bag...

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