how does everyone else do this?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by marionlandscape, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. marionlandscape

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    I go to their house I give them a door hanger. They call in for a free estimate. I take their info and put it into the computer. I print out the bid sheet. we go back to the house (or business)we talk to the customer and evaluate the property. we go back to the office. I type up a pretty little proposal. I print it out and take it to the customer. they keep it and think about it for 3 days. they call back in and say they want service. I go to the computer and type up a contract. I take it back to the customer get it signed or leave it for the proper person to sign. I go back to the office. they call say it is signed I go to the customers and pick it up or sometimes they mail it to me. howdoes everyone elso do this process?
  2. Joey bag a' donuts

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    sounds like a lot of work to me...once we get to the property to evaluate the work we give a price and take care of the rest on the spot.
  3. daveintoledo

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    i bring pre printed forms, 2 copies, one for me, one for the customer, and fill it out while im there, and get there signature while im there the first estimate doubles as a service agreement
  4. Runner

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    Wow.....Then you have to work the rest of the season to pay yourself for the 6 trips you made. If a residential calls us, I go over, look the property over, confirm what they are looking for, maybe even upsell a little bit, sometimes write them up an estimate - sometimes not. Ususlly, it's based on a handshake. For commercial, If I get a call, I speak to the person, go out and survey the prop(s), and go home and type up the proposal. It will have a cover letter, and an agreement on the bottom pre-signed by me. They sign one copy and give it or send it back to me, and keep one copy.
    For you, I think I would suggest skipping the step between the "bid sheet" and the estimate. For residence, just write out on a pre-printed form if you want.
  5. Wells

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    I started out doing things the way you just described but it got to be a real hassle especially when you have a dozen of them to get done, so now I just schedule a time to meet with the property owner on site, we walk the property, talk about their property maintenance needs and a verbal bid is given right there on site.

    I usually will ask the client if they would like the bid in writing but most are satisfied with a verbal estimate. If they agree to the pricing right there I will hand them the payment agreement terms which can be signed right there as well or they can mail it back.

    Now, on the commercial bids the procedure is more along the lines of what you described above, with the bid sheets and the pretty proposal, an aerial photo of the property, formal letter, etc.
  6. Burch's Lawn Care  LLC

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    how would you get an aerial photo of the property?
  7. Killswitch

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    I go out and give the estimate on site and make the sale right then and there, or that evening.

    I dont use contracts and never will. They are silly for residentials especially and Im not going to hold anyone to supplying me work if they dont want my service.

    What do you gain by having this so called contract?
  8. Killswitch

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  9. instyle

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    I have a laptop and a cheap printer in the truck. For the estimate I bring my wife (she is 1/2 the buis), we walk the property with the home owner. Then my wife goes back to the truck and puches the info in to the estimte template. Prints it out, hand it to the guy and go from there.
  10. daveintoledo

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    available on must county real estate websites.....

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