How does Gravely cut?


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Roanoke VA
I searched the site last night and found some information on the Gravely walk behinds but did not find much about the cut quality or if they produce stripes without any additional attachments?

I will be meeting with guy tomorrow selling Gravely 1336G 36" walkbehind which he purchased new 6 years ago and it has 110 hours. He is asking $1,000 for it and it does not have velke. I have found great information about the 13HP kaw it has on it.

If I get this machine do I need a certain velke made for this machine or are there after market ones that will fit?


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Wichita, KS
I have a 1548 H walk behind of the same age period. Good mower. Cuts fine and stripes fine. Sometimes I would like a bit more power but for average weekly growth it's fine. Mine actually has a rubber strip on the back edge of the deck from the factory that helps with the striping. Check yours out if you get it to see if it's worn out.

Gravely also makes Sulky's for them I enjoy mine even if the bronze bushings do wear out faster than I would like. And there are sulkys on the market that are of the universal variety. Check Jungle Jims.