How does the geopolitical environment affect american landscaping?

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    The geopolitical events in Egypt, Tunesia, Libya, and now Iraq must affect the macro and micro-economic transitions within our own borders. My query is that, given the global inflections, would you say that each and every business in America is exponentially affected in some way, positively or negatively? Do elaborate specifically, if you might.
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    ha? ya those jerks make my fuel price go up i hate them.

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    This shows you how we're all tied to everybody else's business, no matter what part of the globe we live. Libyans want freedom, they riot in the streets...we in America pay higher gas prices. Egypt ousts their magistrate, we pay higher gas prices. Oil rig in the Indian Ocean springs a leak, we pay higher prices in Tucson, AZ. Haiti Earthquake...Des Moines, IA gas prices go up. We're tied to everybody's business whether we like it or not.
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    I think the biggest effect these events have on any of us is fuel cost and everything that is associated with it. When fuel raises not only does my gas bill go up but all my irrigation parts go up since just about every part is plastic, poly, or pvc, then my fert goes up. Petrolium is a major ingredients in almost every thing we use on a daily basis, think about it how many items do you have that doesn't have some form of plastic to it.

    These countries are all going thru something simulare to what we went thru 250 years ago. As much as it sucks seeing the gas prices go up, it is something we have to deal with with the spread of democrocy. Hopefully once everything seetles down, fuel pricing goes back down aswell. And hopefully these countries who are fallowing our lead, will recognize this and will be great military allies in the future
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    I thought we the U.S. was a republic? democracy is nothing more than mob rule. our elections are democratic but its the republic under witch we stand that also protects the rights of the minority. in these Muslim countries after the mobs finish the democratic movement they will turn into a new Iran type enemy. Im sorry ive been watching FOX news to much
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    I'm waiting for Saudi Arabia to go off line; then we'll see some serious fuel prices.
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    merkava4, I appreciate that thought now ill be resting easy,:cry: i think ill get me a new F350 now.
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    It depends on the size of the plot. For small lawns I use my micro enconomic mower and large acreage nothing beats a macro economic mower.

    Though I've seen people use two micros where a macro was called for but they got away with it because they were able to use cheap south of the boder labor.

    I would add to this that my personal inflections would not allow me to Big Mac it for my mid day repast when I intake the necessary caloric content.


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