How does the steering work on the TrimStar?

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    How does the steering work on the Trim Star? I not familiar with this type of steering. Is it anymore prone to turf damage than for example an Exmark TTHP 36" or a Toro 36" Hydro? I am just wanting to know this as I am not in anyway knowledgeable about this type of steering.


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    The H-Bar virtually eliminates turf tear.
    This is because the steering is integrated, as in you have only one control, it operated each wheel at a equal speed when zero turning.
    It allows for ease of use, due to not being a pistol grip design.
    It basically is a point and shoot type of design, push the bar on either end and it goes in the direction you point it.
    There is a cruise control lever also, set the max speed and thats where it stays, you can override it by twisting the bar past the setting, and you can slow it down by twisting it back, very easy system.
    Our system has about a 10 minute learning curve to it, you will be a expert within a hour.
    You have to demo one to really see how easy it is to use.
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    Thanks for the information, I may have to make a trip to the big city to find a dealer who may have one or at least be willing to help me find one to look at.
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    Here are 3 pics I was just sent...
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    Here is some excerpts from a thread a while back about how the h-bar works and how to drive it and zero turn. This is not the whole thread or conversation so I apologize for any omissions or mis quotes.
    This info is from my experienced with the H-bar on my super WB before the Gen II w/ cruise control on the trimstar but the handling is the same.

    Pistol grips are OK. I never really had a problem with them but my hands would get tired by the end of the day. But that would go for any of the "release to go" type controls. Exmark ECS, Snapper loop grip, and others like tis are all basically the same mechanical. They just have the control levers at different angles. and no matter what you are always working against the springs tension to maneuver it. The same goes for the push to go type controls like Great dane, or Wright, Bunton, Toro or any that use ZTR type levers. With these you are always pushing against spring tension to go.

    That is what I like about the Hustler. No almost no spring tension. To go forward you turn the handle forward. If you let go it stays almost where you left it. The only tension against it is the pressure of the pumps. There is a spring that hold it in the center so when turning you push against this spring but it is a light spring that is just enough to self center the handle when you are done turning. The same goes for reverse, there is a light spring to help return to neutral. It is very much like driving a steering wheel. That easy. And at the end of the day my hand aren't tired and cramped from squeezing grips all day. you use more of your whole arm to move the controls not just you hands.

    So that's why I chose the h-bar. A pistol grip will do all this, just not with the same ease and with more fatigue at the end of a long day.

    As far as fareway and eric not being able to turn the way they are used to using the h-bar
    (I am assuming that both have tried it)

    That comes from running two lever systems so long.

    It took me a few days (not hours) to get up to speed.

    You CAN control each wheel, you just have to get used to the control.

    During most of my turns the outside wheel u-turns while the inside wheel 3-points. I do it as one smooth motion, never stopping. NO divots either.

    I can also raise the front of my hustler walkbehind with the handles.
    I haven't had any problem with the deck not working the way I want it to.

    Yes faraway. I can control the wheels independently if I want to. If you know how the linkage works and don't fight it and learn to use it you could too.

    Did you read the part about turns? When I turn the outside wheel makes a U turn without stopping while the inside wheel makes a three point turn. I'll try to figure out how to draw you a picture later.

    But personally I like to let the machine do some of the balancing and mixing of control. It's smoother and easier than working against two levers. What's really nice is going along or under trees I can let go with the hand that would normally have to be in the tree and not sacrifice any control.

    I am not knocking pistol grips. I ran them myself for a few years, but the h-bar is just so different it's hard to compare. I can't think of any reason I would want to buy another machine with pistol grips OR levers.

    Originally posted by faraway Lawncare
    Why can't you answer a simple question? Can you control the speed of each wheel independently during a ZERO turn NOT a 3-point turn, w/H-Bar or does the machine control the speed?


    be patient/ I don't sit here and wait to reply to you.


    The operator of the machine controls it, thus controlling the speed of each wheel, independently.

    I've got some time(insomnia) so let's start at the beginning for the guys that aren't familiar with the h-bar.

    To go forward-twist the horizontal bar forward

    to slow down and reverse twist the horizontal bar back

    to turn to the right or left-pull that side of the bar back

    to straighten out-relax and return the bar to center

    to slow one wheel down and not speed up the other
    (pay attention now)-simply pull back on one side while also twisting the bar back at the same time.(this moves only the linkage of the one side instead of both)(if you can walk and chew gum, you can do this)

    to Zero turn- pull back on one side and twist the bar back at the same time until the inside wheel is going in reverse and the outside wheel is still going forward. Then twist the bar back forward while returning it to center and you are heading the other way.

    Pete, did I miss anything? It comes so natural that it's hard to explain.

    The machine never takes over. It's not going to do anything you don't let it do. I maintain control of my mower.

    I don't know how to make it any clearer so that's about all I can tell you.


    When you are 3/4 of the way through a ZERO turn are you able to slightly & precisely adjust the spin speed of each individual wheel as you can w/individual levers controlling each pump & wheel motor?

    to slow one wheel down and not speed up the other (pay attention now)-simply pull back on one side while also twisting the bar back at the same time.(this moves only the linkage of the one side instead of both)(if you can walk and chew gum, you can do this)
    You coordinate your movements. Twist the bar forward or back while turning the handle to the left or right at the same time.
    Go back to your dealer and look underneath the handle at the linkages. Look really close. You will see a separate rod going from the handle to each pump. then move the controls some and you might be able to see how it works.

    If you are used to two lever controls (like I was) then it takes some practice. I had to learn not to fight the linkage but work with it. Think about the first time you tried a pistol grip. It probably wasn't very natural, was it?

    back to the original question. If you can find a good pistol grip mower, and they don't bother you, and your hands don't hurt at the end of a day, and you like everything else about ti-then go ahead and buy it.
    I like the h-bar best. It is my main mower and I am the only one running it. My hands were starting to show signs of age and using the pistol grips didn't help. I decided not to compromise anything on this mower and the hustler was the only one that had all the features I wanted, including an alternative to pistol grips.

    H-bar= using tow hands (or one) to move one handle in two axis to coordinate movement of two wheels.


    two levers= using two hands to move two different levers separately to coordinate movement of two wheels

    the choice is yours.

    Two hours is nothing to drive to look at machines I did that several times and looked at many different brands, drove a few. Bought the Hustler
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    Mowerconsultant, JPaul thanks for your help now I just need to find a dealer within a 250 mile radius that doesn't want a fortune for this mower. Hopefully the cut will be good.

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