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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by dpullen4, May 9, 2005.

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    I live in a neighborhood that just began construction 3 years ago. We live in a loop and in order to "build up" the entry way, the builder asked permission to add landscaping at their expense and to maintain these areas until all the homes were built. My neighbor and I agreed.

    It's been 2 years now and they look horrible. My idea and their idea of "maintain" must be completely different. My trees look horrible and one has already been replaced, as they couldn't get it to stay in the ground without a small gust of wind blowing it over. I finally cut it in pieces to make a point. Weeds have taken over the mulched area as they've done absolutely nothing to put down any kind of weed barrier or anything. It takes dozens and dozens of calls to get anything done in terms of them bringing out new mulch or anything.

    Simply put, the landscaping was a nice idea, but that's all it is. The last thing I want is to inherit a scrub job that was poorly done and will require me to break my back and wallet to have it done correctly. Had I known they would have done such a poor job, I never would have signed on the dotted line to begin with. The way I see it, they're failing to perform under the conditions of the agreement. My idea is to file suit in small claims court for the costs of coming in and removing the crappy job at their expense.

    If they contend they want to fix this and make it right, what steps should I demand of them to make it right in your opinion? Quite frankly, nice green grass would look better in my opinion. Here's the best part-two people have filed complaints to the HOA about me for the landscaping because it looks so bad. However, it ain't my responsibility to pull the first weed yet.





  2. dpullen4

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    Three more pics.



  3. Green Pastures

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    It looks like it's been neglected for a long time.
  4. dpullen4

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    I know that. In terms of the builder being reponsible for maintaining it, I'm curious about everything I should demand the builder do so I'm not left with it looking like this next spring and have to pay for this out of my sweat and pocket.
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    Are all the homes built yet?
  6. dpullen4

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    I'm really thinking of filing a suit against them for not performing their end of the contract as there are still 20% of the lots not built up yet. We went through leaps and bounds to get them to do anything last year. Crabrass, dead trees, trees that fell over, stickers, you name it.
  7. Popper357

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    hard to tell how the landscaping looks without seeing this in person. I'd say it's poor too, from my limited perspective.

    Sounds like a reasonable deal in the begining, but if this is on your property, you are 100% liable IMO

    If due diligence doesn't work, sue if that makes you happy. Builders and sub contractors having problems is a common issue, think of your position as a sub contractor. You need a written agreement spelling out the terms and specs, before and after photos and copy of payments. Your allowing use of your land should be the payment portion,

    I don't see any sense in neglecting the landscaping or sueing the contractor. You're responsible reguardless
  8. Appalachian landscape

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    quit being lazy and pull the weeds. :rolleyes:
  9. Soupy

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    How old is this landscape? Are you sure your being reasonable? What is your neighbors take on this situation.... Do you have pictures of his poor landscape?

    Sorry for all the questions...
  10. dpullen4

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    I will be 100% liable when all the homes are built, I understand that. Those are the terms of the agreement. But if you were offered to have something put on your property, would you settle for something that looks like crap? All 4 of the pine trees look terrible. They've put up no kind of weed barrier at all. Their idea last summer of "maintenance" was taking a trimmer to them rather than pulling them, so it's no wonder why they came right back through.

    The landscaping is 2 years old. Pretty sad, isn't it?

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