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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by P & L Turf, Jan 16, 2006.

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    I was at a local hardware store today, and I noticed a sign in their rental department that read" Buy Me! Just look for the red tags." It got me a little interested so I went in and check things out. They have a Bluebird areator for $680. I looked it over, and everything seemed to look good. It had new tines on it, new front tire, and a chain that looked pretty new. All in all the thing looked real good and clean, no dents or anything like that. It also had a 4 horse Honda on board that looked good and clean also. For those who run areators, does this sound good or should I try and get them to come down on the price? All helps is appreciated.:)
  2. lwcmattlifter

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    That could be a decent price. How old and what model is it? I wouldn't buy one because all the bulebirds I've use beat the $@*% out of you. If your just getting started, or on a tight budget it will work for you.
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    Depends how old the thing is. I rented one this year and I was pricing new ones and they were at least double that. I rented a Ryan brand I was tired for 3 days after using it so hopefully this one is a little easier on the body.
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    I used to run a Ryan areator at the company I used to work for before I went out on my own. When I was there I got real used to the ryan, it was pretty easy on me. After running that one, which we picked up used. After five years, of running that, we decided to get one for the front of the lazer. I took it upon my self to return it. I could move faster with the walk behind model. Last year was my first season on my own. I had a few jobs lined up for areating, so I rented a Bluebird to do them, and yeah, it beat the crap out of me. It wasn't to friendly on the slopes. The only thing stopping me from buying a new own is the price. Not to mention, I don't do a whole bunch of them. I figured, if I could pick one up fairly cheap, I could line up more jobs without having to worry about getting the machine back in time, or worrying about wether it was in stock or not.

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