How does this sound for a basic estimate?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by RossP, May 9, 2007.

  1. RossP

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    How does this sound for a basic estimate? Its a nice clean property that needs a little mulching. Looks to be around 4 yds of mulch, I'll have an employee with me to help out and get it done quick.


    -all beds cleaned, edged and prep for mulched. mulch applied to all beds.
    4 yds @ $34/yd (Hemlock) MULCH $136.00
    2 Men/Truck/Disposal LABOR $330.00 DISPOSAL $20.00
  2. Coffeecraver

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    Looks too high
  3. EWS

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    Im getting 65-70 a yd of mulch
    4 yds at 65 is 260.00
    another 25.00 for disposal
    clean the beds out and edge 150.00

    your price sounds good, depending on how much edging, charge high, do good work and the customer will pay. everyone with a pickup truck thinks there a landscaper. You have to figure your costs, truck payments, repairs, insurance, liabilty insurance, equipment, employees,and taxes. so to all you other so called landscapers that dont pay any of that then yea this guys price is high,.. too many wannabees...
  4. jsaunders

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    price is ok- Depends on amount of edging. I charge $85 per yard + edging+ dumping
  5. Ramairfreak98ss

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    yeah price is probably ok.. i have some customers, want EVERY single weed removed, preen put down, beds edged professionally, trim some plants, remove dead branches of shrubs etc, mulch, blow sidewalks clean etc, the whole shabang, and others that ONLY want you to throw down 5 yards of mulch and whats your cheapest price $200? lol... all depends on really what they want i guess for some areas.

    I never detail out what costs are what. Some customers for a $400 job would say, im paying $300 labor and the mulch is only $100? Then they may look around, or go to the same supplier you go to after searching, and buy $100 in mulch and do it themselves "HALFASSED" but either way you loose that business after the whole quotation is already done.

    Others are like im not paying $45 per yard, when say i buy it for $30-34 a yard...

    Others are like instead of $400, for 5 yards, how about we use 3 yards, see what you can do with that for $200... since theyll divide your $400 by 5 and then try to make up their own price in their minds... Its much LESS hassle to just quote it out for a job, heres your final price plus tax and thats it... If they want or need more mulch its $65 per yard after etc.:clapping:

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