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How does TTTF compare to rye, blue.......


LawnSite Member
New York
How does TTTF compare to bluegrass, ryegrass, or fine fescues? Texture on the feet, and beauty as a grass? Never used them before on my lawns. Are they better in shade, sun, part sun? I believe a fellow named "nocutting," has been using TTTF for a while..... thanks

Darryl G

The blades are kind of wide and it can grow really fast. Nice dark green though. Stripes nicely. I prefer bluegrass and fine fesques, but for areas with sandy soil or full sun without irrigation I think it's a good choice. That's what I just overseeded my lawn with mixed in with a little tri-rye.


LawnSite Senior Member
I'll put some of the new fine bladed TTTF against blues almost nayday ----in my region.

Up North --- you have a little better chance witht he blues. But around here Blues get annihalated by weeks in the hundreds. I have been seeding excluseively TTTF mixtures for years and they look great.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Wilton, CT
I just put down a 50# bag of TTTF on my lawn about 7-8 weeks ago and so far I am very impressed with it's growth. It is making my blue grass look bad. The TTTF is growing faster so it's taller then the blue when it's time to cut. I am trying to have a 80TTTF/20Blue mix. Right now it's about a 30TTTF/70 Blue.