How does your lawn striping kit work?


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I am going the homemade route on my striping kit. I look at alot of kits that all of you use and it seems about a 50/50 split between those that stripe the area behind the rear wheels and those that only come to the rearwheel. What are the pros and cons of both types? Thanks.


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my lesco 48 belt unit stripes perfectly. no attachments necessary.


John Gamba

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Heres Exmarks roller, it s also good as an antiscalpe roller and when you go backward over leaves it rolls them over to go under the deck to chop the leaves more.



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If you're talking about a walkbehind there is a cheap way to make an effective stripe kit. eXmark puts a flap on both hydro and geardive walkbehind mowers. I bought one for my Bob-Cat geardrive and installed some threaded rod in the bottom to add weight. My Bob-Cat striped perfectly until I put Gators on it and now it's back to normal. I believe it's intended to keep objects from hitting the operator in the feet/lower legs originally.


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I am putting them on my ZTR. I was looking at pics of Eric Elms Dixie Chopper and a chain striper that was behind a Hustler, as well as the rubber flap that Hustler sells now. They hang from the back of the mower itself, but they do not reach over past the inside edge of the rear wheels. Do the wheels make a good enough stripe? Or am I missing something?
Really only needs to be on the inside of the wheels. The tires make the rest of the stripe complete. I keep mine only on the inside of the tires.

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I use a home made one. They are made from a truck tailgate bed liner. They are inside of the wheels. Going to the Scag roller as soon as my dealer gets them in. The rubber ones work fine, but I'm going to give the other ones a try.



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If you look carefully at the picture that John Gamba posted, you can clearly see that the tires are laying down an even darker stripe at the edge, and the color is not quit as deep in the middle of the stripe.

The rear tires on a full size Z mower have 400 + pounds of weight on each tire. This is going to press down on the lawn surface a lot harder than any stripe kit could do. This effect would probably be there whether the stripe roller was wider than the tires or if the roller just came inside the width of the tires.

To make the color tone in the stripe exactly even would require putting far too much weight onto the turf, and no doubt would start to give you problems with soil compaction.

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