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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by apowell18, Nov 16, 2006.

  1. apowell18

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    I'm just starting out...a lot has gone on at work with buyouts and trouble with the company so that's why I feel this would be good to get into just in case. A lot of my neighbors have been asking about work and what we plan to do. I've mentioned to a lot of them my plans and then explain the lawn business as a backup/supplement. Most of them think it's a good plan (the lawn business), however one neighbor laughed at me. My front yard looks great, best lawn on the street. My backyard is a different story. I have two large dogs that have taken over and it's now pointless to recover. I'm doing a lot of work back there next year so I'm not too worried about how the lawn looks because i will be back there with my truck and tear it up anyways. This neighbor was quick to point out that my backyard is ugly and how can I take care of others yards when mine looks like "sh*!".

    So my question to you guys is how does your own yard stack up against your customers? Also, can anyone help me with what grass I could seed with after my projects are done next year that will stand up to two large dogs???

    thank fellas...
  2. BQLC

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    Mine looks pretty good in the front but like you I have dogs that like to dig (2 Cocker Spaniels) although it doesn't't look to bad I just have to fill in the holes but i do have a large back yard about 1 acre and an even larger front. It will reflect on you as to what you lawn looks like to potential customers but in your situation I would not let this guy get you down about it.
    Good Luck with the venture. He just sounds like one those Pitas there always talking about on here
  3. robbo521

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    i try to keep mine nice but it is a old cow field.i do have nice grass but a millon different kinds.need to put something on it to help but just dont.i cut at 2.5 and it looks great.everybody tells me to go higher but it is just hard to do that.
  4. Beau Rivage

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    Before I started this my lawn looked great...second best on the block next to a retired rich couple who made their lawn their hobby.:cool2: Now, I'm still running second but just barely!!!! It's true....the plumbers pipes always leak.
  5. huh

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    your neighbor is a dolt....blow him off

    unless you plan to have your clients over to your house to show them your back yard an example of your properties then it is a non-issue....keep the front looking good....park the trucks out front looking clean and you are set
  6. adaptivehomeservices

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    Do you see what a lot of mechanics drive for their personal cars? lol
  7. JB1

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    mine is the best looking one around here.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    HA HA, I would not worry about the neighbors. best not to work for them anyway!!
    My old house looked great in front. Back was kid-ville:laugh:
    My office has just OK grass, to big to water.
    Worry about your customers' lawn and you will be fine

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