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How early do you aerate?


LawnSite Senior Member
Olathe, Kansas
How early do some of you do your spring aeration? I'm going to put down some 19-0-6 with Dimension sometime this week. If it is dry enough would it be ok to go ahead and aerate now are should I wait until the grass is about to start growing?


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
Without getting into a long technical explanation (which has beeen done here before) it is not beneficial to aerate a lawn unless it is actively growing.
There is no microbial activity, no root growth, no photosynthesis taking place, oh there I go.
I'd wait until it starts to grow. Good Luck


LawnSite Bronze Member
SE Pennsylvania
Actually, how late? I don't do any spring aerations. I rather save that service for the fall for overseeding. I am too worried about preventing crabgrass in the spring to deal with seeding.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I wouldn't put any pre-m down until after you've aerated, all you're doing is punching holes in the barrier. Is there a reason why you are putting Dimension down so early?

Doster's L & L

LawnSite Senior Member
I would have to agree with Lbilawncare. When you pull a plug out of the soil, you'll pull up weed seeds too. if you pre-m before you aerate, you;ll have just as many weeds coming up as if you hadn't pre-m'ed at all.


LawnSite Member
Cheyenne, WY
According to the Un. of Georgia turf managment course I'm taking aerating doesn't have a significant affect on pre-m. Dethatching does dut aerating doesn't.


LawnSite Gold Member
There is nothing wrong with aerating in the spring. It is best in the fall, but some people like to have their lawns aerated twice a year. I would take the others advice and wait and apply your Pre-M after you aerate. I would also wait untill the lawn is actively growing.

If the lawn is weedy, I would wait untill you get them under control and aerate in the fall.