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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by FFMED74, Jan 24, 2004.

  1. FFMED74

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    I am tossing over and over the question of when to start advertising this year. Is now too early or should I wait till end of Feb or 1st of March? I see that a lot of you like the direct mailers and such, but is that the best way or is stuffing a mailbox(I know not inside or out side the mailbow, but the paper holder) equal. Which gives the best resaults, I do know that about 1% is a fair number for stuffing. I am also going to run an ad in a local papaer that comes out every week, it is delivered free to quite a few residents on the south side of Indy. What do you all think? Thanks a lot!!!:D
  2. aries

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    I find that direct mailers only works if you persistant but can also get costly as for puting flyers in mailbox well you know the answer to that be careful your better off getting doorhangers and putting them on the doors! I found that local papers works great depending on your local compitition, any advertising you do will cost expect to spend about $1500. to $2500. for your advertising that should get enough lawns to get going!
    Good Luck!
  3. FFMED74

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    Thanks for your help. I am always looking for good input and this site has yet to let me down, what agreat tool in growing a small biz. I dont need too much work I already have this fire/medic gig! So I am busy enough... LOL ask my wife and kids!
    Thanks again!
  4. Wells

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    I not sure that it's ever to early to advertise, the key is frequency, you need to get your name if front of potential clients as often as you can. The more they see and hear your company name the more they start to associate you with your type of services.

    I've been running ads in the local papers for aerating since the begining of Jan. and they will continue to run through the end of April. We still have 2 feet of snow on the ground here in SLC but like I said before the key is frequency.
  5. Advanced Lawncare

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    I dont know that it is ever too early. I stated the running ads in the paper a week or two ago mostly just to get the name in front of people, but have received a few calls for bids.
  6. tiedeman

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    I would start with door hangers, and direct mail to potential customers then come March I would start to market to the whole, not just potential.
  7. GrassBustersLawn

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    I like flyers in the paper boxes the best. Have had best results with that and can TARGET THE NEIGHBORHOODS I WANT TO BE IN.
    The mass mailers I've done were expensive with POOR RESULTS. If you put a coupon on them the client may use you once for the coupon value but difficult to convert them to a full time client. Newspapers are pretty expensive and usually go to a wider area than you want to target. Spend alot of time taking calls from people outside of my zone. Don't do that anymore either. Just go with flyers, signs on truck and referrals from happy clients.


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