How early to put out mailers?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Nitroman, Feb 22, 2013.

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    I am talking about "Scott's 4 step program" at the big box stores not Scotts professional services.
    I never said Scott's fert was junk either. I said that our professional product is better and granular weed control sucks.

    I totally agree that it's not about the amount of apps! Again it comes down to the quality of the product. Look at the Duration product for is called a 1 APP product.

    If you look at the link I attached from Purdue you will see they recommend 3-4 fertilizer apps and say not to apply to a lawn under drought stress. Universities up here do state amount of applications and rates.
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    Then they have another deal thats the Plus with aeration and over seed.
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    Think of it as "Visits" You're a service. You show up once every 5 weeks and service the lawn with what it needs.

    I won't argue with you. Four applications of full strength fert is more than enough to get the job done, I don't care where you live, but there are other reasons for visiting the property, providing a service and collecting a fee.
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    That was said perfectly!!!
    I agree with you but most 6-7 app companies apply product every visit wether it needs it or not. That is where I have got a problem.
    No reason to apply anything during a three month drought and many do because it's "profitable".
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    Thank you. I'm here all week. :laugh:

    Hows your spring seeding schedule looking? Mines filling up fast. Fair amount of grub activity on lawns that either didn't order it or never watered it in and a couple guys that are OCD about bentgrass.
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    We set a new record last year seeding. Not sure we will be able to out do it. The drought really messed up a bunch of lawns. Some came back great and some didn't.

    A few weeks ago we had 39 seedings on the books but since them we have done several dormant seedings and also picked up a several. Not sure where we are at now.
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    Good point, Creech. appears that a lot of seed will be going down this spring. Also fall--only worse. The seed crop was poor. So shortages of the best varieties will develop. Prices may spike up.
    " Our shelves are stocked with the best and hardest-to-find superior seed varieties and turf fertilizer. Certain varieties, especially the elite tall fescue varieties, are in very limited supply this year. If you have a fall 2013 seeding project in mind, it would be prudent to order your seed this spring and store it in your garage so it is there for certain when you need it. We can't guarantee availability of our entire product line this fall."
    Drew Kindle of Seed Superstore
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    OP how did slinging yellow pre over snow work out for ya?:)
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    Glad we could successfully derail yet another good thread.
    Now that is all settled, marketing?
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    WOW! I guess that is 4500 ft of turf not 4500 ft of actual lot. Doesn't matter. That's still high. $51/App......and I agree. It is not the total number of apps that's important. Universities(at least ones in our part of the country) make recommendations based on total amounts of Nitrogen applied to a site per year. If they recommend 4lbs of N/1000/year, They aren't telling you you should put it out in 4-1lb/1000 apps.They don't care if you put it out in 8-1/2lb/1000 apps. Furthermore, While I include fertilizer in each of my apps, it isn't just Nitrogen and it isn't always a 1lb rate. Different times of the year require different rates and types of nutrients. One thing I've learned over the years is that each site is different and my program is never set in stone.

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