How easy is it to sell a used mower?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by williams lcm, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. williams lcm

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    I see alot of zero turn mowers for sale on craigslist. I see alot that are beat up with over 1000 hrs and they still want 4k or more for them. Do these mowers really sell for that price? I am trying to figure what my mower would be worth. It is a 2010 Jd Z950 31 kaw and 61 inch deck 1020hrs. Excellent shape and looks like new. What would a ball park price be on it? I see alot on ebay asking $6500 or more but really would somebody pay that much for a used mower. The economy is tough and many dont have the cash but can go out a fiance a new mower. Just let me know how much mine might be worth and do alot of these zero turns really sell? Thanks guys
  2. jungerla

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    in my opinion commercial mowers hold their value pretty well as long as they have been taken care of. 1000 hours has alot of life still left in it. the person that buys it is going to go out and make money off that mower just like you did. used is a good option for someone making that step from push mowers or looking to expand to a second ztr. not everyone has the means to go out and spend 10k plus on a new mower. as far as yours i dont know but yes people still do buy them used.
  3. ddixon7

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    It depends on the brand and where you live. Around here, used Exmarks sell like hotcakes. I have people asking me ALL the time, homeowners included, if I would sell them a mower. A lot of people want a commercial mower but don't want to spend the money for a new one. A well cared for commercial mower holds its value. Just like a truck holds its value vs. a car. Its a tool and people are willing to for it.
  4. QLM

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    Dude use search tempest and put your model in and see what people are asking for them everywhere on craigslist. Look at hours and shape and figure it out. You need to move it before all the newbie’s spend their tax returns.
  5. williams lcm

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    I really dont need to sell it. So if I dont get any calls then I will still have a great machine sitting around my house. That is why I rather it be used than sitting. I think most people blow the tax returns on cars. I talked to a few used car dealers and they are crazy busy. I ask why and he said that people are rich when it comes to getting their tax returns. But when it is all spent they go back to the poor house the rest of the year. Buy here pay here is a big thing around here with cars.
  6. MOturkey

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    I've sold, rather than traded in, 4 mowers. The first was to a good friend, the second to my daughter, and the others my dealer sold for me, one on consignment, the other they just gave me the lead. It is like anything used for sale, if you price your mower fairly based on the condition and hours, they are easy to sell. If yours has over 1,000 hours, it does make it a bit more difficult, according to my dealer. He says it is kind of like the old 100K on cars.

    I think if it is in good condition and well maintained, and you keep the price under $5,000, you will have no trouble selling it. Actually, the best market is often homeowners. A guy with a 2 acre lawn will put maybe 40-50 hours a year on a mower, so buying one with 1,000 hours means they will still get many years of use out of it. I sold my buddy his mower in 2007 with about 750 hours. He's still running it, and the last time I asked it had around 1,100 hours on the clock.
  7. clydebusa

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    I have no trouble selling my old equipment. Since I write off the equipment and then figure so much an hour on current jobs to replace the equipment it is easy to sell at reduced price to get rid of it and put the cash in my pocket. Same goes with trailers I sell.

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