How effective is a website and how much does it cost?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by recycledsole, Oct 17, 2012.

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    we get a substantial number of our leads through our website. This season our site, and online searches linking to our sites, attributed to over 200k in new sales. one of the biggest advantages to sites is that they are usually easier to remember than a phone number. we have a couple of different web addresses for each of our divisions, the urls are catchy and easier to remember than our phone number or company name. When a customer sees our trucks on the road or at a site, they can remember these catchy urls and look us up later.
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    Unless your in some podunk town, a website is crucial. If you are in a podunk town, then I would stick to traditional grass roots marketing i.e. Flyers, Door-hangers, Mailers, and such. It all depends on your location which is mentioned in previous posts.

    You will increase the effectiveness of your website by hiring a professional company. Professionals designers use statistics when designing sites and you want to use this to your advantage. A good design company will know what drives traffic to a site and more importantly what keeps them there.

    There are a few things you should take into consideration. It varies depends on your goals as a company

    1. Does your website catch the potential customers eye?
    2. Getting a good SEO (search engine optimization) company to drive your site to the top using keywords.
    3. Quote form on Homepage
    4. If a landscape design and install company, A nice portfolio.

    The first 10 seconds a viewer visits a site is crucial. So using flash images can help catch a persons eye and increase the time spent there. Having a quote form on the home page also helps out tremendously. People like when things are easy. SEO is the MOST important thing on the list. If your not familiar with SEO, go to google and search it and start reading. The portfolio is key if your focus is landscaping designs. Most people want to see what there working with before they take interest in you.

    When searching for a company to build your site ask them if they have done work for our industry. The reason being is that the more landscaping companies they have worked with means the more research they have done for our line of work. I used a company that also does marketing strategies and SEO because it told me they work together and they have the resources. SEO guy works with the designer, Designer works with marketing team, and so forth. You get the point.

    The more money you pump into google ads and SEO = the more traffic. Make sure your ready to capitalize on your leads and get ready to collect lots of money. :)

    Price ranges ~ $600-$3500 depending on how many pages
    SEO ~ $200/mo - Infinite All depends how much traffic you want and how much your competitors are spending in your area

    Also, separate your avenues of marketing by renting phone numbers and using tracking companies to gauge it's effectiveness. It will save you thousands and you know where your traffic is coming from. Even in a podunk town. Hope this information helps. Goodluck
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    i spent alot of time designing my own website, its nothing fancy.. i signed up for many free business listings as well. so far it has gotten me more calls than any other form of advertising, and its gonna be my main concentration going into next season. i had mine hosted through , its cheap.. i found a template that i used to help me design my own. i've heard of a few here who use seems like it could make it easier. definetly wouldn't go without a website even if its basic.

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    I designed my own website a couple years ago. I'm curious if any of you guys did a search would you find it.

    Search for "Landscaping in Monroeville PA"

    My website is
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    found you on the second page with a google search with those terms. nice looking site.

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    hey boss, searching for landscaping in monroeville PA didnt retun a result for you
    but searching for gm landscaping did
  7. recycledsole

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    Thanks alot chencho
    i really appreciate it. very informative.

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    I've got you at spot 17 , page 2!
  9. Wiedmann

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    Hit it! Everything said here is true and pretty much a story of what I researched and have done in the past year. It's hard to see money being spend in $100's at a time but if you do it right you can be rewarded... or you could just be one of those large companies that every knows their name no matter what and don't know any better.

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    When I search under Yahoo it's on the first page. Google it's sometimes not anywhere. Other times it shows up.
    This is the only advertising I did this year. Only got about 15 responses. I'm not going to spend $100 of dollar's to boost the website as work has been very steady.

    Word of mouth is better right now.

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