How extensive of soil test is generally needed for lawn and planters ?

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    I am interested in having some soil & water testing done for lawns and planters, but since I have minimal experience in this area I was curious how much information I actually need for a fairly in depth understanding of where the soil currently stands? I have also heard that it is good to know what the alkalinity and make up of the irrigation water you use is in order to understand if & how that might be affecting the areas being watered. Is there any truth to that?

    These are the available tests from my local Ag Extension

    Soil Testing Options

    1. Routine Analysis (R) $10 per sample (pH, NO3-, P, K, Ca, Mg, Na, S and Conductivity)
    2. R + Micronutrients (Micro) $15 per sample (Zn, Fe, Cu, and Mn)
    3. R + Micro + Boron (B $20 per sample
    4. R + Detailed Salinity (Sal) $25 per sample (TDN and energy calculated)
    5. R + Micro + Sal $30 per sample
    6. R + Micro + Detailed Lime Requirement (Lime) $20 per sample
    7. R + Micro + B + Lime + Organic Matter + Sal $50 per sample
    8. R + Textural Analysis $20 per sample
    9. R + Organic Matter $20 per sample

    Water Testing Options
    1. Routine Analysis (R) $20 per sample (Conductivity, pH, Na, Ca, Mg, K, CO32-, HCO3-,SO42-, Cl-, B, Nitrate-N. Hardness, and SAR)
    2. R + Metals $30 per sample. In addition to Routine Analysis includes: (Zn, Fe, Cu, Mn and total P)

    Thanks in advance
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    The lawn is a place where you can have some control, planters (depending on how big) are a place where I believe soil tests are not relevant. I would make a planter mix of 1/3 nice finished compost, 1/3 vermicompost and 1/3 vermiculite or

    Now the soil is a different thing, does the #1 in SOM I would like to see the results of SOM

    I would probably do #2 and ask them to include SOM

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