How far has your business come?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by micah.ness, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. micah.ness

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    Hey guys post some progress pics or just tell about how you started to where you are now! Just looking to see how much hard work and dedication can lead to
  2. lawn care St. Cloud  MN

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    Just keep at it. I started my business posting flyers around neighborhoods started from 2 customers and have grown to roughly 200 customers in the base with around 60 weekly accounts in the summer months. Keep at it and make sure you have a website where people can find you.

    LawnXperts lawn care St. Cloud, MN
  3. I started out with zero accounts and knocking on people's doors in my neighborhood, after 3.5 years I have broken into the high end resi market and now the business is coming to me. Hard work does pay off.
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  4. Great advice re:webpage. That is the ONLY way I would spend money on advertising.
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  5. MOW ED

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    It is as far as I let it come. I started in 95 with a garden tractor and some homeowner equip on a homemade trailer. I have worked at 1000's of lawncare jobs over the years but I never wanted to expand to hire employees. I still run solo and have carved a nice place in the market here. Hard work is an understatement but anything is possible. Lots of hard lessons learned early, by the way there was no lawnsite back then and no one really wouold give any advice on how to start and run a lawncare business.
    Get to know business, anyone can mow lawns, not everyone can run a lawncare business.
  6. clydebusa

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    Started in 82 and grass is still growing so still mowing.
  7. Ijustwantausername

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    I started out in 2007 with a 21" residential murray, a craftsman handheld blower, and a curved shaft echo trimmer with a 5X10 trailer. I had about 5-6 customers a week and I made about 30 a yard (pushing), as you can see I knew nothing about pricing....

    Now I have gone through a 44" Toro, 54" John Deere Zero, 6X12 trailer, 7X16, aerator, spreaders, etc. Also have about 35 commercial and residential accounts and I doubled my sales last year.

    As mentioned, HARD WORK, QUALITY WORK, persistence, and a good marketing strategy with some faith will get you where you want to go in this industry.
  8. Five Points

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    Im around 65 accounts. starting my eighth season.I just love mowing. give me 16-20 lawns a day and ill come home when they are done. Sod a dozen or so new houses a yr, fert programs on about 80 properties. mulch jobbs, shrub and hedge prunning.

    I love it all, (well not so much the prunning, but it starts as lawns dry up so its all good.)
  9. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Too far.....

    I am running my taxes for 2011 now, and am not liking the outcome. Made too much.

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    7 years, 95 weekly mows.200 customer list. 85 fert customers, only do fert for full service customers. It has gone well but having some trouble getting to the next level with customer counts as well as labor. We will get there though!
    Good luck to all.
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