How far off the beaten path will you drive for a new account???


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I am curious how you strive to get accounts that are close to one another?
I realize by putting out a newspaper ad or even a Yellow page ad the accounts could be all over the metroplex.
I would love to keep my drive time to a minimum.

I checked out the discussion on flyers and found that very helpful but wanted to see if there were any other suggestions.

How far off the beaten path will you drive for a new (average size) account???

Thanks for the input!!!


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If we are asked to place a bid that is off the beaten path they have two options for us to take them on is clientele.

1] They can pay us the hourly premium we loose per hour from the time I leave client c,d,e, or f's house to get to theirs and back to the neighborhood I left. (or)

2] They can recommend us to two or three of their neighbors and get them to sign us up.

Otherwise we dont turn a wheel. We haven't lost anything by not taking on the account. And time is money.

Hope this helps.


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I guess it would not be so bad if you had multiple accounts in that same area. I have one that's out of my way. It is now for sale, so hopefully it will sell soon. I agree, you don't make money driving around. I will though go out of my way to do a special cut or as a favor for a friend.

John DiMartino

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I am condensing my area now,for plowing anyway,to much drive time is wasted on the road,and the help cant remember the route or dont wanto do it all.For lawns, i only go 5 miles from home-id go further,but really cant compete after that,because i factor in drive time.

Kent Lawns

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Travel perameters outside currently traveled roads:
Plowing residential: 2 blocks
Plowing commercial: 2 miles
Mowing residential: 1 mile
Mowing commercial: 5 miles
Spraying residential: 5 miles
Spraying commercial: 30 miles
Landscaping residential: 30 miles
Landscaping commercial: Statewide


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SE Kansas
95% of my work is in a ten mile radius. How for would I go for a client? As far as they are willing to pay! If you have a project, make sure you make it clear that you will charge for traveling time!!


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Beaverton, OR
I agree with Kris. It has to be worth your while.

I think it's important to make some boudaries for yourself and stay within those boundaries. We have very specific boundaries that we service. Outside those areas I will almost always turn down the job. I am referring to regular mowing now. (I'd be happy to travel outside my area for a big install).

Furthermore, even within our boundaries, people have to be in an area where I have a few customers or at least in an area where I think there is potential to get more customers. In the latter case, I'd take the client then flier the heck out of that neighborhood every 3-6 months and get a few more clients in there to make it worth my while.


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Just to elaborate a little on what Jim said if its going to get me into that neighborhood then yes I would weigh my options as far as the potential to expand.

Just because there are 1 or 2 high end homes in an area does not make it marketable.

Sorry I didnt clarify earlier. There are always options to be weighed.



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stanfield nc
Depends how bad i need it. Right now 15 miles
is not to far.During summer 6-8 miles.
I post these to give the small service solo
operators view.Complete ly different than
lg operators.

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