How far south for tall Fescue


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MS, zone 7b
I am about 60 miles south of Memphis. I have a 4 acre lawn that has about 20 large oaks scatted around. There is no permanent irrigation, but we average 52 inches of rainfall a year. The sunny areas are common bermuda, but the more shaded areas have little grass in the summer. Some of the areas only get about 4 hours of sunlight a day. The shady areas mostly poa annua in the winter. The adjacent pasture has alot of pasture type tall fescue in it, but it probably only gets cut once and does look pretty poor in the summer. I was considering a lawn type of tall fescue for the shaded areas. The lesco guy said that fescue does good in Tennessee, but I was too far south to grow tall fescue well. I have read a few post about tall fecue written by guys from Georgia. It seems to do well there in some areas. Does anyone know if I am wasting my time by planting it?

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