how far would you go to collect?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Brianslawn, Oct 26, 2005.

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    last spring i mowed a couple times for a millionaire walmart exec (big yard). she didnt pay, added late fees, took her to court, turned her over to collections. she didnt show up in court so i won. now her total is up to $600 with legal fees and im fixin to stop by walmart home office in town here and try to find out who her superior is. i heard walmart is starting to crack down on bad execs and this action very well could get her fired from that cushy job. her credit report shows this is common for her. also, i got a school buddy from iowa workin as a reporter at one local tv news station, just in case walmart doesnt want to listen.

    any thoughts?
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    Keep taking her back to court. The judge should have suggested that course after she didn't show up the first time. At some point, she has to pay up or they will take her to jail. I'm at that point with one of my customers. I will find out tomorrow if he is going to show up to pay, or go to jail.
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    i would go to her workplace find her boss write letters ask your reporter friend for ideas if you cant do it surely you sell half that debt to somebody meet her at the gym whatever it takes be relentless its amazing what a bit of shame can do
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    Keep doing what you're doing, you're working on finding the method which gets you paid first time, everytime... It takes trial and error (unfortunately at least in my case it sure did) but I found a few things which nowadays usually I get paid.

    I can tell you what they are but what works for me may or may not work for you, so just keep doing what you're doing and you'll be fine. Lets just add that what I use today is NOT what I started out using, I tried method after method until I found a few that apparently work for me.
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    Put a mechanincs lein on her property. I doubt she'd go to jail for failing to pay the landscaper. its a civil matter...unless you can prove intent to defraud you.

    In most cases when the cop showed up to deliver teh paper work I was paid....but a few had to go to court and even go as far to the mechaincs lein. on one I eneded up getting a call from a title company asking what the payoff was. the a-hole even tried to work down form my orginal. But since the title company called I knew he wasn't going to not sell his house over a $1,000 landscape bill...

    Nice thing (at least in FLA) about the mech lein, its collects interest at 18% APR and is good for 21 years.....file the paper work and just pretend is a long term investment.....
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    Well since you know where she works, all you have to do is garnish her paycheck. You said you took her to court and she didn't show up, so I assume the judge gave you a judgement on her. Go back to the small claims court clerk and they will walk you through the propper steps for a garnisment, very simple, the hard part is usually finding out where they work, not a problem for you.

    By law, the employer has to garnish the wages, so just because she may be some big shot with wal-mart, she still does not have enough strings to get her out of this one.
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    Here in Wisconsin it is illegal to contact deb tees at the phone or in person. Here she could end up suing you.

    Besides Walmart is well known for not paying their bills until they absolutely have to...they would probably tell her it is good business.
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    theonly problem with removing the landscape is that you are still out the money, plus the extra time to remove.....
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    Everytime I have threatened to do so I end up getting payed, besides I wouldn't really do that.

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