How fast can one grow and how much can you make?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by PrecisionLawncareArkansas, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. PrecisionLawncareArkansas

    PrecisionLawncareArkansas LawnSite Member
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    Just wanting some feedback on how fast you can grow. I am really wanting to build a good business by the end of the summer and go full time next spring. I cant afford to buy the best and the most, but the question is what can 2 guys with push mowers and all other necessary equipment expect to make and grow in one year.

    Lets not get to deep. I live in a metro area of about 200,000. In the two towns that I will market to there are approx. 20,000 homes. This does not include apartments just single family dwellings. I also have a real estate office that will use me exclusively.

    What are your thoughts???
  2. YardPro

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    buy a bigger mower as fast as you can or concentrate on the very small yards...

    I hate to say it, but if you cannot afford a larger mower, you will have problems growing.. growth requires spending money... with no cash and no credit it will be hard to make enough to live on AND grow as well.
  3. CAG

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    I agree with yard pro on getting a bigger mower. You will be kicking yourself when you get calls for larger property's. Go with a used ztr for around 4gs and it will save you from hiring the second guy. Remember that if things don't work out could sell the mower and get most of your money back.. Payroll will be gone!!
  4. ECS

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    I was fired in Aug. of 2004 and I went out on a limb and started what i do now. I bought a $6k plow and hoped to make enough to by a good mower in the spring. As luck would have it, the winter downright shucked. I went ahead and bought a Z, trailer, and a cheap push mower with only 4 accounts. Well my net was just under what I was being paid from my past employer, that is after all expenses.

    So it can be done! This year I am looking at and hoping for a 30% increase over last year.

    Adverising with letters, post cards and word of moth.
    Dedication to having and growing your own business.
    Striving to make a decent living for yourself and your family.
  5. bvlawn&landscape

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    How is that ? Everybody starts out at the bottom and works there way up, its rediculous paying $2,000+ for a mower when there is no guarantee that the business will work as planned.
    When you GROW then its time to use your profit and upgrade your business plan.

    I disagree with all of those here telling new business owners to buy the biggest, thats just a waste of money.
  6. mow2nd

    mow2nd LawnSite Senior Member
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    i started my business at 20, spent $3,000 on equipment (credit) $1,500 on a trailer (credit) and $10,000 on a truck (credit)

    I made $87,000 gross my first year, u gotta love (credit) i do....
  7. befnme

    befnme LawnSite Bronze Member
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    as the old saying goes you gotta have money to make money .but at any rate you need some thing halfway descent to start with. but to ask about how fast can you grow and how much money can you make that depends on the best peice of equipment you have..." yourself ". you cant sit on your but at home with no advertising and expect the calls to roll in. if you dont work you aint gonna get work.
  8. B&D Lawn Care

    B&D Lawn Care LawnSite Senior Member
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    Depends on how much ya wanna spend. Like I tell my ya gotta spend it to make it.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Trick question. You can grow fast and crash just as fast. You can spend a lot and make a little, or you can spend a little and make OK,
    But the real question is why do you ask??
    This is up to you and you need to plan for it. How many hours will you work this year. How much will it cost to produce the service. What equipment will you add. How much do you have to invest, What will you finance or if. It is up to you to make a plan and answer your own question.

    As far as money-- Most will be making under 20K and not even realize it. Few will be better at business and get into the 30-40 range. And a very small percent will plan for and work for the business and build it to 50+ net.
    But it is all up to you!
  10. ztrguy

    ztrguy LawnSite Senior Member
    from NE FL
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    So lets say you're running a small business making 20k and you want to expand and try to go for 30-40 range the next year. Do you think it's a good time to expand once you hit say 20k? Or should you wait til you are hitting 25 until you start to expand?

    Next question: In order to expand you should get your vehicle lettered up nice and advertise a lot more. Not go out and buy 2 more ZTR's and then not have enough money to advertise a lot more. Correct?

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