how fast can your ztr cut?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by instyle, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. instyle

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    If you had a wide open area....say a ball diamond...and your machine had a maximum speed of 8.5 mph, how many mph can you cut at? approx.

    does anyone do ball diamonds? how long does it usually take you?
  2. DEEJ

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    My 2003 Exmark Lazer 60" 28HP EFI has a spec'd ground speed of 11 mph. In wide open areas I run full speed provided the grass is not too lush or too long, or too rough. For a weekly cutting, the machine will do a great job of cutting at that speed PROVIDED conditions are right. I run my 2 Lazers with mulch kits and stock mulching blades.

    The key is not to have any significant drop in rpm. If you do, then slow down.

    Now, that said, using a machines top speed to calculate production rate is just plain silly. In real world conditions (even an open ballfield) you won't be averaging anywhere near top speed. Your 60" cut machine will never cut 60 inches with overlap. You have to turn, go around obstacles, stop to pickup garbage, turn to look at the girls, slow down for a hole in the lawn, grab a swig of water, and yes even stop to pee in the bushes.

  3. instyle

    instyle LawnSite Senior Member
    from Canada
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    Thanks for your help. I am tring to get all the info I can as I am being forced to give estimates to cients with out knowing just what my machines are capable of. There are supposed to be in any day now.
  4. NewkirkPropertyManagement

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    I mow several adult league softball diamonds as part of a Parks Dept. Contract, and with my 60" Dixie Chopper Flatlander (27 hp Kohler engine, supposed top groundspeed of 13 mph and supposed max. agreage per hour of 6.3) I can make a ball diamond look good in a little under a half an hour. That doesn't include trimming because I spray the fence line.
  5. lafrance4078

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    In a perfectly wide open area and not counting the areas that I have to slow down because of bumpy turf, I can cut as fast as the machine will go, provided I have sharp blades. Also, you have to watch for RPM lag. This is with a 25hp 60 everride.
  6. Fantasy Lawns

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    I am not really gonna be help too the Northern guys

    But with St. Augustine.... in prime condition .... mid summer .... thick - coarse fat blade turf ....non stress ... tall growing 4" per week ..... cutting too a 3.5-4" over-all height

    The Dixie 60" with 26 HP .... Side Dis-charge 11-13 mph

    The eXmark Lazer 60" with 26 EFI with SD .... maybe 9-10 .... maybe

    The Walker 42" Mulcher .... with a 26 EFI .....5-6 mph

    My Dixie would slay a ball field .... never cut one ...but it would be FAST
  7. Flex-Deck

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    Finally - Some One with a brain that does not believe the tables and charts put out by the big boys. All the information in the sales charts are based on ideal conditions, smooth terrain, long runs with few turns, and NO OBSTACLES.

    I will give you a personal example - my 9 1/2 foot mower system on a JD 595 will mow on average about 4 to 4 1/2 acres per hr. in the real world of mowing (this is parks and yards with trees and barbaqu grills, bird feeders, bushes, curbs, light poles, cement covers over whatever, etc, etc, etc.

    NOW - I take it out to a local airport that has a grass runway that is rolled every spring because they want it smooth to land airplanes on. It is 3200 feet long and 100 feet wide. That = 320,000 sq. ft. which is approx 7.1 acres. I mowed it because it is a friend of mine for nothing once just to see what that same mower would do (I only made 5 rounds @ with overlap would be about 18 1/2 feet, which would be 6.6 acres with 10 turns, in 50 minutes, which = 7.9 acres per hr. If I would not have to make the 10 turns it would be 8 acres per hr.

    My mowers top speed is 8.5 MPH. When mowing with rpm drop even though slight, I bet I do no more that 7.5.

    Even considering the above facts that I mow 4 to 4 1/2 acres per hr. in crowded yards, means that the mower is producing $100+ because my minimum is 25 per acre on large areas, and sometimes $30.
  8. Tight Angles

    Tight Angles LawnSite Senior Member
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    I have a Dixie Chopper Extream Mowshine that is supposed to go 15mph with the 32hp Gererac engine. I think I've had it up to about 13mph against one of those radars the police put up in the street. My Dixie Chopper Flatlander is slow as hell.
  9. jtkplc

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    With the Great Dane Super Surfers (8.5 mph) and Wright Standers (8 mph), we run full speed 99% of the time. For ball diamonds I would think you should be able to run full speed and only slow down a little bit for the thicker areas where cut quality gets lower at higher speeds.
  10. cantoo

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    We do diamonds. 61" Bobcat with 25 hp kohler. Takes about 45 minutes to do it if you don't want spin marks at the turns. Cut every week.

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