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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by FrankenScagMachines, May 6, 2003.

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    How many acres an hour, realistically for one weeks' growth, can a 22hp gas 60" ZTR mow? It is a Dixie Chopper top speed 8mph ('96 or '97 model XW2200-60) Assume fairly wide open areas at least an acre in size, flat. I can use the calculator and it comes out accurate enough but I when doing that with my 52" i haven't been able to drive fast enough due to the growth and horsepower to meet those numbers, so with the deck and engine size on that Chopper how much can I do in an hour. It has alot of hours but price is real good. Just have to wait until the guy can get rid of it because he uses it daily. Many of you know him but I won't mention names ;) (no it's not one of Eric ELM's mowers)
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    Why buy a ZTR? Blow your profits for an entire year doesn't seem worth it to me. Unless you have anything 1 acre and up, I wouldn't buy it, not when I have a "highly" modified 52" Scag that is costing you little or no money. Just a thought.
  3. FrankenScagMachines

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    Not knowing the conditions I would think the same as you. I have many of my lawns I could use a 60" mower on and save alot of time, especially since my underpowered 52" has to be run at a snail's pace to cut in our conditions (which aren't THAT bad). I want to be aiming at larger properties next year. As it stands I have to go slow the first cut and have to double cut it. I want to move into a market where there are less kids and older guys out looking for pocket money. Besides I don't care about blowing my profits LOL Mowing is a hobby that happens to make me money to support my other hobby, collecting mowers, which happens to go hand in hand with mowing ;) it's not all about the money. Ok, so it is :D
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    I can't provide you with cutting specifics (I don't know your area) but I can say this. If the engine on the Dixie isn't tired then you will be retiring your Scag. The grass is growing like crazy around here. My Dixie just powers right through it. Mind you that it isn't making the clippings disappear but it isn't leaving any clumps. I used to have a Gravely 50" Pro 150 and it never even came close to my Dixies ability to cut massive amounts of grass.
  5. All stupid krap aside, you are the kid and you are doing it for pocket change.

    And there ya go again making rocket science out of mowing lawns.

    Dude your going to give your self a coronary by the time you are 18.

    BTW if you find such a market stay in dreamland cause that's the only place you will be.

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