How hard is it to get a license in NJ

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by shade tree landscaping, Feb 15, 2008.

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    Would love to add aplications to my list of services, just wondering how hard it is to get a liense in general, and how hard is it in to get one in NJ? How hard is it to set up a program for residential cstomers? Thanks in advane for any info you maybe able to provide.
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    Not hard at all go for it.
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    * CORE exam is very easy (no preperation needed)...

    * 3B (TURF) you need to read the study guide and be able to answer questions at the end of each section and you will pass with no problem.
  5. Shades of Green LService

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    Don't let the previous post fool you. The test Is extremely hard. I hope you have a lot of college education and on hand experience.

    Just Kidding. It's Easy. Study the manuals, not just the review questions and you'll do A.O.K
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    Maybe the CORE test in Jersey is easy? There were 35 people in my 30 hour class in NY, and five of them flunked the CORE and couldn't take the 3a and 3b. I won't say it's hard, but I would not say it's easy either. In NY, if you get more than 3 of the first ten questions wrong, you fail. Those ten questions involve finding the sq footage of a property with a round pool and other objects, reading the label and being able to figure out how much formulation you will apply, how much AI you will apply, how to mix, identifying if a target pest is on the label and so on. It's very basic stuff, granted, but 5 guys sat through a 30 hour class and screwed it up. Stupid waste of $275. Plus the $50 for the test.

    Anyone with a brain and some motivation will pass. Apparently, only 30 out of every 35 people have a brain and are motivated.

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