How hard is the license test, in your state?

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  1. marvinlee

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    from Oregon
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    I've taken the Oregon Private Applicator's Test three times now, and passed all three. It seems like a darn tough test when I compare it with my recollections of college and military service tests. Part of the problem is that Oregon offers only one general purpose study manual, and it provides study material for all of the various categories of tests. One does not know in advance what materials will be tested for, and to what degree. The state tells weighting, but my experience has been that the weighting advertised is different than how the test is actually written.
  2. spray_man

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    Hi Marvin,

    I am dumb, what is "weighting"; Also how far apart did you take the tests?
    Just curious.
  3. humble1

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    from MA
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    MA is pretty hard, they have a lot of questions ranging from how far from a right away must you be when crop dusting via airplane, to termite questions, how far from private, public wells when doing right away vegetation control. One that sticks out in my mind is- What is the long feathery like antenae of a mosquito called? The answer who cares, If you are drawing breath on this planet you know what a mosquito looks like.
  4. kenny s

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    I live in NJ and I would like to get my certification and Applicator license. How do I go about this and what is involved. Can I take the courses online and the tests as well, or do I have to go all the way to Rutgers University to do this? Does anyone from NJ have experience with this and it's cost and time to complete the course? Thank you.
    kenny s
  5. spray_man

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  6. upidstay

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    From what I've seen and heard, ours is CT is about as hard as they get. Roughly a 75% failure rate. There's a 2 section written, part on regs and safety, the rest on general knowledge. By general, I mean you have to know every type of grasss, shrub, ornamental, etc., plus the diseases and insect issues they may face, and how to treat them. I know a pretty smart guy who went to UMAss with a 4 year turf science degree who failed it the first time. The questions are multiple choice, multiple answer. There is also about a dozen slides you must identify. These could be anything. You must pass both parts of the test, then you take the oral exam. You sit in front of 3 DEP employees who pretty much grill you on anything and everything regarding pesticide uses in your chosen field.
    There are I believe 12 different license categories. I have my 3a, Turf and Ornamental. (passed it my first try. yay me)There are 4 sub categories for Pest Control, there's a Golf Course management license, an arborists license, Right of Way, Aquatic, plus several others I can;t name.
  7. kenny s

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    Thank you very much for the info. I went to the site and read it. I will look into it. The on the job training part is going to difficult because I do ot work for somebody with a license, but I read you an be excempt from that if you take the courses. Thank you again, I appreciate your help.
    kenny s
  8. tremor

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    CT is supposedly harder. I know that NY is a cakewalk by comparison.
  9. Whitey4

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    NY isn't a cakewalk, but CT is clearly a more difficult test. I am a good test taker. I took a 30 hour course, put in about 60 hours of study and got 90's for NY. I've been told the fail rate in NY is around 50%.
  10. spray_man

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    What's the going rate for prep. courses. In Florida, there is one for $270, and another for $320.

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