How hard is your base?

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by land_scaper70, Apr 6, 2010.

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    I did a front walk for a lady, 12 X 4. I did everything according to the ICPI specs. I needed two lifts to bring the base to graded, about 6", two 3" lifts though on my second lift after compaction the base was soft. the materiel was a 0 - 3/4 shale which was very wet when it went down. Now it seem OK to walk on, solid, is this something that is common when using shale product, should worry about the next time it rains? Do I need to redo all the work that was done, or can I leave it for done?
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    You are leaving some info out.
    fabric or no fabric?
    what size compactor?
    shale is a mix of fine clay and silt compressed and is not a great or approved base material.
    I would not have used the shale.
    I would rip it out and redo. if you dont get the base right the rest will come out poorly...or fail soon after.
    good luck.
    photos always help
  3. DVS Hardscaper

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    Our customers will attest that My base is plenty hard.
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    Shale's a pretty crappy base material, I've never used it but I cant see it working well. I'd take it out and use a real aggregate base. the base is the most important step of the project, especially in area's like where we live with a freeze thaw cycle. I always use geotextile as well, it may not always be something required but it can't hurt. Also, if your using a smaller compactor like like I do (i only have a 5000 lb compactor) so i use that and just do it in 2 inch lifts, for bigger jobs I'll rent a big compactor but a 12x4 walkway no reason to
  5. land_scaper70

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    I did remove the old walk. No, I did not use Geo-textile, there was no clay or hazard that I thought would have warranted the use of it. The only spot that was really a problem was two or three feet in front of the house right in the middle, where the second lift occurred, it was about one square foot in total that was a problem. The rest of the walk was solid.




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