How have you made your grinder better for sharpening blades?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DLS1, Jul 8, 2003.

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    Okay this mowing business is part-time for me so I am not going to spend $800 plus for a magna-matic or any other blade sharpener. I got one of those Home Depot $40 grinders to sharpen blades.

    So have you made any modifications or add-ons to your grinder to sharpen blade better or quicker.

    Anyone seen a tool/device that you can buy that you adjust to create any angle you want so you can lay the blade on it and then push the blade against the grinder wheel to start sharpening the blade?

    I would be like if I cut a long triangle piece of wood out of a 4" x 4" and lets say the triangle is at 30 degree angle. Then lay the blade against the 30 degree angle part of the wood and use it as the guide to sharpen the blade at a 30 degree angle.
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    I just did this yesterday so i am still working on the bugs but here is what i have got. First of all i will explain how to sharpen a blade well and what you are looking for. When i used to sharpen blades i would just do it freehand and take metal off and put an edge on it. I have recently started makin knives and learned how to do things right. What i used to do was called a flat grind and they are durable but hard to do on a round grinder. Now with a bench grinder you can do what is called a hollow grind(its what most pocket knives have.) What you want to do is go slow on your first pass and but a grove in your blade which will be curved. Then keep the grinder in that grove until the grove get big enough to reach the edge and the top of the blade. This is getting long but hang in there. Just pull out your pocket knife
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    and look at the blade and you will see that the flat part is actually curved. Now what you have to do is keep the blade in the same position and move it back and forth until its sharp. This is very hard to do and can get frustrating. Knowing this fact and seeing pics of professional sharpners(can someone post a pic.) I have a 29.99 6" grinder i bought from big lots. I took of the left hand guard. the whole housing covering up the wheel. and turned the grinder around. then i got 3 5/4x6" boards ( this was the right height for my grinder you will have to either use 1x4 2x4 or what ever size stock puts the blade at the right height. Stack up the boards on top of each other and parallel to the grinder. Leave about a 1/8 gap between the board and the grinder wheel. Clamp the boards down. Then you have a table to slide your blades on.
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    I have the wheel turning backwards because it leaves less of a bur but there is still one there. If you cant visualize this maybe i can take some pics and email them to you or something. Now i just did this on mon so i amstill working out some bugs. This is probable confusing so ask questions and i will clarify.

    I have sharpened 2 sets of blades with this set up and it takes a little time to reprofile the edge to my angle but the next sharpening shoule be quick i will know tommorow.

    you guys should have this stuff laying around and i am sure you can set it up. Most of you guys seem pretty smart, and this is not brain surgery making this set up.
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    I'm playing with this right now. Sears Craftsman All-In-One cutting tool. You can set the angle at 0 15 30 & 45 deg. It's much more powerful than a Dremel tool. Craftsman Club sale is going on right now I think it's $53.99 with the router base and circle cutting guide not a bad deal.

    I played with it a little tonight and my blades are in bad shape from me working on them with the bench grinder but it has potential for limited use.

    I will post an update when I have more time to work with it.


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    sorry about the three posts i read the limit as being 1000 chracters but it is really 10000 my bad just read my 3 posts as one.

    Kleen cuts what is the power on that thing.
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    that is exactly what i needed to raise and lower the angle. You are indeed a true genious. Now i have some questions. Your grinder is going backwards right. how do youkeep the sparks out of you hair and face I just wear goggles and move my head. I have found that a fan will blow the sparks to one side. you stated you were going to build one out of metal. why not wood. it will help dissapate heat better. How do yo umeasure your angle, just by the looks of it or do you measure it.

    I also think it was great that someone from magna matic spoke up. classic.

    Everyone read his thread( I dont know where i was when he posted but it is truly genious

    what is that thing your board is attached to i do not recogonize it
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    We also have the home depot $79.00 grinder on which we put a piece of angle iron on the existing rest, counter sinking the bolts and making a cut out for the grinder wheel to adjust for depth/angle. Make the angle iron long enough to accomodate the length of the blade as you sharpen it. wing nuts on the rest adjustment bolts wwould make adjusting the angle easy enough. We sharpen our blades once a week and works great.

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