How Heavy does a root grapple need to be?

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by SiteSolutions, Sep 20, 2007.

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    I found a "deal" on root grapples, only about half of the price of the Bobcat brand and nearly a third of the skid steer solutions grapples.

    (Here's a link: )

    So what I am trying to figure out is how heavy a grapple needs to be for various uses.

    For example, for cleaning up trash on a new home construction in what was once a cotton field, I am thinking I would get more use out of a grapple with lighter tines, spaced closer together. There's a model with 3/8 tines made of A36 on 3" centers. (It's in their print ad but not on their website yet) This should pick up all those little 2x4 scraps. It's only $1500 new. At that price, I could get it for cleanup, and a heavier one for other work, such as...

    Land clearing: I have cleared brush and small to medium sized trees with a Bobcat grapple on a lot that had some limestone boulders buried in it. I think I would not want the lighter grapple in this application but probably don't need a super heavy duty attachment for this, either.

    Rock work: I have also found the rented Bobcat brand unit useful at prying up limestone boulders and stacking them or pushing them aside. This application seems like it would be the biggest test of the toughness of the attachment. But how heavy does it need to be to do the job well?

    I will be doing a lot more cleanup then anything else... Up to three lots a week, and we can burn most of the wood trash, so it's very useful to rake it up and not get dirt in the burn pile. My bucket with teeth can get bigger items fairly well but I either have to pick up the smaller stuff by hand or end up pushing dirt into the burn pile.

    I've only used the 72" Bobcat root grapple so far, rented from my dealer. I've managed to bend the tips of a couple of the tines on it in the two or three times I've used it on rocks.

    I run a new T-190, which is 68" wide, has an ROC of 1900 pounds, and 61 hp.

    So what do you guys think? I think two diff grapples for two diff jobs, but how heavy should I go on the heavy duty one? For a medium sized machine, I don't want to get too much grapple, but I don't want something that I will rip apart in the first couple times i use it.
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    My thoughts is this ! It never fails your off doing the light duty job with the lighter grapple.Here comes over the GC and wants you to take out some concrete or something.

    The job is 30 miles from home where you heavy duty grapple is,because you didn't have room enough for both this trip,or didn't think you was going to need both.

    So for me i would buy the best and heavyest duty one i could get and try to get it spaced to do both jobs and be done with it ,because sometime you will bend it no matter what your doing.

    Never fails!!!!!! Like the guy that had the light duty pallet forks that got bent a while back on here.Might have happened also with the heay duty one,who knows????

    But you can do what you think best.This is from ,my experiences,again no matter how careful you are it never fails.Good luck on whatever you decide!
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    my grapple hasn't been heavy enough.:laugh: i would go with the heaviest you can get as well. the teeth seem to stay bent on mine at this point.
    ggod luck
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    I have been pretty impressed so far with these guys:

    They use heavy steel and they gusset everything to give additional strength.

    Now, this is the one I bougt:

    Not sure if that will work for you but, I cannot see bending the tines unless you are really, really rough with it?? i dont know concrete might bend it up??

    Also, their pricing was pretty reasonable. I bought ours for about $3K which was considerably cheaper than others that were similar that I had looked at.

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