How heavy is your string trimmer?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by CaptainPike, Sep 25, 2010.

  1. CaptainPike

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    I've noticed the engines on a lot of commercial string trimmers look absolutely tiny.

    I'm using a Poulan Pro trimmer that I got at wally world. I know it's not commercial quality but I'm just a part timer.

    The engine on mine is way bigger than most others that I've seen. I'm guessing mine weighs a lot more too. The thing kills my back after about 15 minutes.
  2. Alan0354

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    Not only is the weight, the length of the shaft make a big difference. Too short will make you band down to trim and it will hurt your back.

    I don't particularly think commercial brands is going to be much light, it depend on the size of the engine. If I remember clearly, yours is over 31cc and that is a mighty big engine. Unless you are doing brush cutting, that is way way overkill. For normal yards, I don't see any need of anything over 24cc.

    There are cheaper commercial trimmer that is quite strong and light, Husky 223L, Kawasaki KTF27, Echo SRM225, and A Tanaka that is on one post by Richard Martin. Those are plenty light and quite cheap for the quality. You don't need to spend an arm or a leg like most of the people here. They are talking as if those are toys!!!!
  3. knox gsl

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    For light weight and proven performance and a low price look at Kawasaki they have a good trimmer for $200 and if you want to get a little better get a Stihl FS100.
  4. soloscaperman

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    Go to lowes and buy the Husky 223L. I had that for my business and now have the 326L I think. The 223L I think is the best trimmer for price, ease of use, weight, and power. I do huge lawns by myself and without that trimmer I would have major pain in my hands and wrist. If I die I want to be buried with that trimmer lol
  5. Coastal Lawn Maintenance

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    My fs130 I think is right around 13 pounds but it all about the balance and how far u. Have to bend to use it
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