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1. Key number one is the price. I agree with everybody that a customer is not going to go for a pigtail that costs $45.00 at the supply house. You might as well start selling them on a new clock with a built in remote. My only problem with the small remotes is that they are not very durable for service people.
2. I don’t ask the customers permission. I install it and do my work. After I finish I walk the customer through the system and at the end of the walk through tell them they will have a cord hanging from their clock that allows us to hook up our radio. I rarely get an objection. When I do, which is almost always from a first time customer, I tell them it is not an option. If they want us to service the system the pigtail stays.
3. The first couple of years we installed a lot of pigtails. Now most of our customers have them and it is so nice to be able to slap on your radio and get to work.
4. When we install a new clock we always include the pigtail in the installation cost or quote.
5. I have never come to a house and found a pigtail installed by another contractor. This alone separates me from 99% of my competitors. The few times a customer had to call a competitor and relayed the story to me about their reaction to the pigtail it was always highly complementary of me. Either from the competitor or the customer when they saw how inefficient the competitor was in servicing the system.
6. We have a lot of garages leading into alleys. I make a big show of how the remote allows me to shut their garage while working on the system.

My hope is that this forum will provide answers and guidance for those that need it.
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