How I Do Leaf Cleanups

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by corey4671, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. corey4671

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    Shot a little video to promote leaf cleanups on my Facebook page for the business. This was actually the third time this season to blow the leaves off of this yard.
  2. hi_speedreed

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    all you needed to complete it is some girls in bikinis and lingerie to chase around the yard while that music is playing, lol.

    I like the video ad idea.

    In the middle of the vid you are blowing the leaves along that drive. Why didnt you just blow the leaves to the drive in a long skinny pile? From the vid it looked like you were loading from there. It looked like you were moving leaves further than needed and adding time to your job. Hard to tell from a video, sometimes you just have to be there, thats why I ask.
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  3. corey4671

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    Because I don't always have a helper. I try to pile the leaves so I don't have to move the truck as often. Ideally, I try to pile them so I can back up to the pile and never move the truck. With the layout of that yard, that is the best spot to get to them. The driveway is actually the neighbor's driveway. As you see early in the video, there is a long hedge row on the other side of the lawn.
  4. cborden

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    Love the Benny Hill aspect. :laugh:
  5. RedSox4Life

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    Is that a carry on trailer? You ever have any electrical issues with it?
  6. Jimslawncareservice

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    Your lucky you don't have wind to deal with. We never have a calm day. Yesterday it was 20-25 mph
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  7. corey4671

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    It is...none so far.
  8. willretire@40

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  9. corey4671

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    we get out share of it!
  10. Darryl G

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    Great video. I see you do use the backpack blower and wheel blower at the same time (like I do sometimes) but it seems like you're only operating one at a time. What I do is use them both simultaneously with the backback blower operating in the space under the wheel blower handlebar, left hand on the wheel blower moving that around and operating the chute (Billy Goat with remote chute control).

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