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    I was a printing press operator for 19 years. During that time, 5 years ago, I worked a 12 hour schedule that allowed me to start a part time mowing business. My schedule changed and I had to stop the business. Early in 2005 the company I worked for sold the division I worked in. They offered a job in Ohio, but I didn't want to move. I worked for 6 months after finding out I would be losing my job. During that time I decided to get back into the mowing business full time. I love working outside and really do enjoy making someones property look better than it was before I started to maintain it. With the little knowledge I had from the 3 years of part time work, I started to get organized before my last day at the printing career. I'm learning alot from this site. Will make fewer mistakes with the info I have already gained here, especially in the pricing area. I've sent some mailings to targeted small commercial properties, will be printing door hangers to take to some targeted neighborhoods, and will be doing some radio advertising starting in March. I found a great way to advertise on a local am station, no money up front! They give you a 30 second spot, that they write, on a formatted advertising program. During that time they offer coupons for your company. I'm allowing them to sell a $40 coupon. They will sell it for a lower price,and they keep that money to pay for the program. Hopefully a few will be sold. The people who buy then call me and redeem it for face value. Thats where I pay for the advertising. Ive authorized them to sell $400 worth, thats what the smallest regular ad costs on that station for a week. My ad will run on the program from March to August or until the first coupons are gone. I thought that was a very reasonable way to get my name out there and get into some neighborhoods. Anyway, sorry for rambling! Looking forward to being a successful LOC who will do the profession proud. Thanks to all the experienced professionals here for all the advise. :)
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    awesome story man thats a good i9 idea adveryising on a radio pretty cool good luck and welcome to lawnsite.
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    Sounds like you are ready to go! That advertising plan sounds like it will bring you a lot of work at a GREAT price!!

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