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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by John B Laidlaw, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. John B Laidlaw

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    Its a pleasure to finally be able to have some time to post my little ditty to how I got here.
    I've been in this field for over 26 years. I've owned a design/install business and a residential landscape maintenance operation in California. I was a Turf Specialist with Chemlawn before Trugreen and after their takeover in Littleton, CO. I moved back to the Northeast ( New Jersey) and I obtained a web developer status from NJIT, my only time since the age of 15 that I took a break from the Green Industry ( but not really because on my off time I helped a friend in the lucrative field of haying).
    I was not happy in this area so back I went to my true love, Design and Horticulture. I began in the retail end working for several nurseries in New Jersey and Eastern PA consulting with customers on design aspects of their homes.
    I then went back to turf management when an opening occurred at Scotts Lawn Care. I was with them until recently when I was offered a position ( and accepted ) as the Grounds Supervisor for Moravian College in Bethlehem PA.
    Now I am responsible for approximately 185 acres of grounds and atheletic fields for the sixth oldest college in the USA!
    My participation in this forum is to be able to gather information pertaining to athletic field management and to dispense my knowledge to neophytes and experienced landscapers on customer service. technical aspects such as irrigation and plant adaptabilities, and business management in general. Please see my profile if you need to get in touch with me personally.
  2. Southpaw

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    Thanks for joining up John. I have no doubt that you will be a great asset to this site.
  3. hnter

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    welcome to lawnsite, from a bethlehem resident and long time admirer of the moravian campuses...there are some beautiful buildings on those grounds...
  4. Team Gopher

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    Hi John,

    Welcome! I am sure many here will benefit from your experiences.
  5. mmacsek

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    It's nice to see someone from the area on lawnsite. You have a big job(size) with Moravian College. I don't know why more from the Lehigh Valley aren't members. Welcome Matt
  6. precisioncut

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    Lawnsite is the greatest source of info people can find about how the industry really is. Post and get your questions answered (sometimes). JMO.

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