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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by zd21, Mar 16, 2006.

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    Hello my name is Barret Campbell and I'm from Prince Edward Island ,Canada. I'm 18 years old (turn 19 next week:drinkup: ) but I have been in this industury for about 9 years now. It started out when my dad bought a new Kubota 1700 mower to cut our own yard with. Well he thought it might be a good idea to cut a few lawns after work just as something to keep me busy and so I could have a little cash for myself. Well a few grew to be 11 accounts that year and suddenly what seemed like over night we were in bussiness.
    So we grew steadily for the next 5 years. Up untill then we had been using Lawn and garden tractors for all the mowing but that changed when Kubota indroduced its ZD series. That was the first time I had even heard of a zero turn rider because around here the only dealers we had to choose from was Kubota and John Deere. So the first year it was avaliable we bought a ZD21 and boy was it ever a time saver. I had gotten my drivers liscense by this time and with the ZD I was able to cover the same ground by myself that me and my dad use to do using 2 garden tractors.
    Then last year we bought a second zero turn, this time a ZD28 with a 72" deck . I was cutting about 60-70 lawns a week solo, except in the spring because I was still in school. Now as of 2006 I will be running the business full time and hope to start doing some small landscaping as well as the grass cutting. My hopes are to keep growing and in a few years have 2 mowing crews and a landscaping/mantaince crew. Also I am looking at adding snow removal but kind of second guessing that after the "winter" we just had:dizzy: .
    So thats a condenced version of my story. I have learned a lot from looking around this site and hope I will be able to help anybody else out when ever I can.
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    hey im just starting out and im still trying to land some of my first customers whats the best way to advertise and get your name out there
    there alot of competition around here
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    Word of mouth has been my best advertisement. I never did the flyer or door hanger thing but the work was always coming in. Concentrate on doing good work and creating a professional image, not getting big. If you do this the work will come to you. IMO Gossip is the most powerful advertising tool there is.

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