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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by craftsmanlover, Aug 21, 2006.

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    when i was 10 me and my dad went out tio buy a 4hp craftsman mower and i mowed my lawn once and i liked it. so when i turned 11 i got a one of my neighbors to ask me to cut there lawn. i cut it for $25 i mowed it once a week. and after 2 months i had 4 lawns to do. bought my self a brand new craftsman mower ez bagger 6.5hp. i use a bike and a small trailer to get around i only do lawns in my area though. now im 12 almost thirteen with 12 lawns to mow.
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    That's awesome. I wish more guys your age had your work ethic! Sounds like you'll have enough to pay cash for a nice rig when you turn 16, and then the serious money can roll in.
  3. zim bob the landscaper

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    thats cool man i want as many accounts as u i only got ten but there big lawns so i probably get a little bit more money then you. but keep the good work up man.
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    I'm sixteen, I was in the same situation as you at the same age. Started out with a Ryobi mower and Ryobi trimmer at twelve mowing my lawn, my grandparents lawn and my aunts. Being in different neighborhoods people would drive up and say how much do you charge etc and it grew from there. I now have fifty lawns and one comercial.I now have two Honda commercial mowers a Exmark Metro 36" mower Stihl trimmers and Echo handheld and backpack blowers. Just to get out there if you stick with this buisness this is where you'll be in no time. "Keep up the good work!!!!"
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    oh hell yeah have you seen the new sears 13.5 hp rear engine mower?

    That is trick there, its got the 3in one cutting deck, 30" too.

    Plus the turning radius is 20ft perfect for mowing the outside diameter of the pools down here in Australia.
  6. TheLawnBarber

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    South Florida I thought you where in Florida?
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    Maybe he found some hotter kids .... I mean women.. over in Aussie land?
  9. ChadsLawn

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    SFL is doing a MAJOR landscape job down under. :)

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