how i got started

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    when i was 5 years old my grandpa taught me how to use a toro 21in walk behind lawn mower. When i got good at the age of about 7 i mowed his lawn and my own lawn. The next summer my negibor hired me and her friend. at the age 10 i mowed 5 laws a bought a crafstmen garden tractor (wich i still have). I mowed thouse same 5 lawns till i tured 15 and bought my bob-cat 219. since i had to pay off the tractor i had to advirtise and get more lawns and now i have 15 accounts have a truck and trailer. next summer i have 20 lawns to mow and hope to get an apparment complex that a friend of the family is building. that is my story of how i got started.

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