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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Lance Isaacs, Jan 16, 2004.

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    Glad to hear that you are doing so well. I envy you, and wish I had the time to do what you are doing. I am curious, who does your maintenance and repair on your machines? Do you do scheduled maintenance on them?
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    Blades, oil changes, and greasing is done in house. Filters and spark plugs are done in house too for the mower. Trimmers and blowers everything is done in house. If a big problem happens I send it to Boones Creek Power Outdoor equipment. Go to and go to dealer locator type in 37604 for area code.
    I drop the oil once a week on the scag and monthly on the push mowers. I used to run to walk-behinds before I got the scag. The scag does more than a cub 36 and a 48 exmart. I run a 48 scag. I am purchasing a 36 inch scag walkbehind. If you have any suggestions on anything please tell me. Blades are changed daily when it is wet out. When dry I change them bi-daily. We use am-soil syn. oil for the kaw. I use shiwdawna oil and I think its one of the better ones. I bought 2.5 mixes and got a good price. I paid $42 + tax for 50. Have you used gator blades before. ( Better than scag mulching blades. You talk about $9 cheaper.
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    Lance ... exactly how much better would you rate the gator blades vs scag mulching blades ... details details ... did you have to change out stock deck for mulching deck ... how much $$$ ... please advise .
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    I have a advantage deck with my scag. I can turn it into a mulch deck by putting a mulch plate on it that cost like $70 bucks. I only use it when its the beginning and end of leaf season. I get the gator blades for the same price as regular scag blades. I rotate them out in and out all season. I change blades once a day when its wet out and every other day when its dry. The average mowing is about 8 to 12 acres a day. We do alot of condos.

    I will say this about gator blades without mulch kit is that it cuts a lot better when it is really dry out. They do stay alot sharper.

    With the advantage deck its alot easier to clean it and less cleaning. Anther hint is to use pam cooking spray( DO NOT SPRAY THE SPINDLES OR BLADES. SPRAY THE ACUTAL DECK ONLY) make surethe deck is completely clean before doing so.

    Grease the mowers about every two weeks. Grease all spots mine has quite a few of them over ten. The velke has 2 or 3 on it. Red grease is better. Grease it until the old grease begins showing. Make sure to clean it up.

    We change oil once a week with a new filter using amsoil snythetic or val syn or mobil one.

    Tire inflation is very important. If one side is flater than the other it will cause your deck to mow slant and give a uneven cut.

    Once a week go to a car wash and give it a good clean out. I use a shop vac on mine to get the grass out in between belts, spindles, and around the motor.

    Check the air filter weekly. to see if its dirty. I have a prefoam one on mind before the actual filter. I change it about every tow to three months.

    Gasing your mowers. I always go at night to fill up directly from the pump. Gas cans are nice to have but pick-up impurites. I always have 2 five gallons on with pre-mix and the other as a back-up. I shiwandwa oil I got 50 2.5 gals for 42 plus tax. I like it the best but everyone has their own. I reccomend stihl and echo too.

    I run three weed eaters and each has to back-ups of spool string that we carry in our pockects when on goes out take very little down time. While driving to the next job have your workers restring it for you. Your paying the to sit while you drive.

    I have three blowers in which i change spark plugs every three months. ( down time is double time wasted.)

    I will say this about a scag, they are expenisve but one scag outdoes the competion. I have own one for a year and I will only only a scag.

    I hope this helps some turf professionals out. I do not know it all but I have tried alot of ways. Veterans add some to this post to help out the new guys.

    I will not be posting much here soon. Mowing has already started an so has landscaping. Good luck !
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    lance this is john at chuck mason equipment call me
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    Lance where did you get your lawn signs and how many did you have made when you first started. If they work as well as you say they do then we might order some. Let me know as soon as possible please. Thanks alot.

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    This sounds like a "tall tail" to me....but remember who cares about my opinion?!
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    I used WBs for a decade before I got my first ZTR there’s no going back. [/B][/QUOTE]

    Which size ZTRs replaced what size W/Bs?

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    I bought ten signs mdae of water proof cardboard with the thin medal. I put it on customers lawns that says Lance Isaacs Lawn Care and my number. I got to calls last week from one of them. I always do a little extra for the customer such as pull a few weeds or mulch for free. I would highly reccommend it. I paid like $ 200 with tax and all for ten signs.( Now everyone in town is copying my idea.
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    Uh, yeah. Perhaps "Lance" is the notorious "fredsanford" from ? (troll of the strangest order)

    I'm not buying it, certainly wouldn't recommend it to any of my customers...

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