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    I have always been fascinated by any sort of equipment whether it being a lawn mower or an excavator. When I was just a couple of years old having the usual crying fit in the car my parents would try to find a tractor dealer just to shut me up. As I got older I started following whom ever was mowing our yard around. I was always a step behind them or was running out into the woods to get leaves to put in the path of the mower to watch them get sucked up. When I was around nine my mom finally gave me the OK, I was now allowed to mow the lawn all by myself. I was so proud using that 4.5 horsepower, 22 inch cut, self-propelled 5 speed John Deere. It wasn't much longer before I was mowing two of my neighbors lawns for ten bucks a pop. I didn't start expanding my business till I was in seventh grade. Thats when my mom bought the my Bolens ST125 38 inch cut tractor. I was ready to start making the big bucks. I teamed up with a neighborhood friend who had just gotten a brand new John Deere ride on mower. We maintained about six or seven properties that summer. When fall came we decided we needed leaf blowers, I bought a 5HP Toro walk behind and my friends bought an Echo pack back blower. This fall would be the last time that my friend and I worked together as partners, he now occasionally works for me when he needs come extra cash. My years at the middle school were drawing to a close now and I decided I really needed to step it up. So probably in May of my eighth grade year was when I purchased my 48 inch Ferris walk behind which since has had a sulky added to it. Now I was really ready to work. Now a senior in high school I have around 25 accounts and mow other lawns here and there. I still have the little mower that I started with and the tractor, they are pretty idle these days though. I now have a 1999 F-250, 18 foot trailer, 61 inch Wright Stander, two Little Wonder walk behind blowers 8 and 11 HP, two Echo backpack blowers, two echo string trimmers, and a multitude of other small gizmo's and gadgets. I have absolutely fallen in love with this industry and I am planning on attending Stockbridge school of landscaping in the fall to further my education.
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    nice work! I started out in a similar fashion when I was your age but got out of it for awhile, wish Ididn't. I'm back in it now though. I just got on this site and have similar equipment but want to find out all about HYDROSEEDING. I'm certified ,used to work for Barefoot ,mow grass and hear there is lots of money in HYDROSEEDING.
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    Best of luck to you

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