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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Lawn Pro's, Jul 20, 2009.

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    My Names Tim and I started out just trying to make a few extra dollars on my time off. I live in Livingston, TX and I work 7days on and 7days off as a Helicopter Mechanic. After Hurricane Ike hit my neighbor hood got hit pretty good and I just started removing debris from neighbors yards and made alittle money at it. I like to keep my yard nice and one day I was trimming along my driveway and one of the neighbors I helped asked if I'd be interested in mowing his yard. After that it was like a domino affect word traveled and before I knew it I was mowing about 10 yards 8 now after the really bad drought we just had. So I bought a New Cub Cadet RZT 42" Mower and I already had Echo trimmers and blowers trailers and push mowers. Now I'm researching Soft ware, commercial mowers and advertising. My goal is to try and have roughly around 40 accounts by the end of the year, so I'll update my Info later on this year. I've only been mowing about 3 months so we'll see what happens.

    Thanks for reading
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    Good job man. Obviously you're a hard worker, and with dedication, you'll be successful. Good luck in your endeavors, and welcome to lawnsite.

    My name's Tim too, by the way... :waving:
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    Cool story tim, welcome to lawnsite, you will get lots of great info on here
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    Keep up the good work man !!! You seem to have the tools you need, a ZTR and a trimmer will make you alot of $$$ Do quality work and many more will come. Take care !!!
    Just be aware of what you can handle in your 7 days !!! Keep going strong !!

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