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How important are turf tires?


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I've got 35 acres in central Virginia, of which about 15 are in pasture with another 5-6 in recently hydroseeded "lawn". The pasture was fairly rough two years ago when I bought the place, but is coming back nicely after consistent cutting with a 84" Woods rotarty cutter set progressively lower each time.

Since the recent hydroseeding of the six newly cleared acres, I've been debating what to use for mowing now. I have a 50 PTO HP John Deere FWD tractor with the Woods rotary cutter. I'd like to get a better cut on the pasture, so have been looking at finish mowers including used batwings to save time. The most cost effective thing would be to use a finish mower behind the John Deere for the pasture and the newly seeded lawn areas. However, the tractor currently has AG tires (I needed them initially due to some boggy areas and using the loader on hills to clear the place). Now that things are in better shape, I am thinking about the possibility of putting turf tires on the tractor and mowing everything with it. The other option is to keep the tractor the way it is, and buy a ZTR mower or something else smaller for the lawn areas. The problem is that it's going to get expensive quick if I have to buy a finish mower for the pasture and a ZTR or other mower for the lawn areas.

If I want to mow everything with the John Deere and a batwing finish mower, do I need to also invest in the switch to turf tires?


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central il
A nice ZTR would certainly handle 5-6 acres but, as you know, a quality ZTR don't come cheap. That being said, if I were in your shoes, that is what I would do.

Putting turf tires on your JD might not be an option. They may not make turf tires in the size you need. I am in the tire business and, if you want to let me know what size tires you have, I can give better advise,


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Id go with a 72" ZTR but as probe said, they arent cheap. ZTR will give you a much better cut as well as not rutt as bad as your tractor will.

Dirt Digger2

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the better question is how much do you want to tear up your yard?...to me it doesnt make sense to buy a ZTR and an tractor...i would get a 3pt finish mower...anyway R1 tires will tear your yard to shreds after turning...Industrial tires a little less...when going in a straight line it isn't too bad unless the ground is soft its the turning that tears it up...but then again what else is the tractor used for?...if you will be doing a lot of loader work then maybe a seperate dedicated lawn mower would be the thing to buy that way you can keep good tires on the tractor.

also another note...being a guy who has mowed my fair share of pastures and fields you do not want to do it with a regular mower, a tractor with 3pt is the only way to go