how important is aeration?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bobbygedd, Nov 28, 2003.

  1. bobbygedd

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    is it a must?
  2. GarPA

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    1. aeration

    2. proper mowing (height and frequency)
    3. fert/herbicides

    In that order...... I have no time for moderate to heavy use of fert...even when done by companies who know what they're doing. Creates disease prone, drug addicted lawns that can't stand on their own...I know I'll get hammered for saying this but I know what I've observed over the years
  3. walker-talker

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    I personally feel that aeration is probably the single most important step you can take in building a healthy lawn. I tell my clients this also.
  4. J Hisch

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    Aeration, is vital for turf that is used alot, or in areas with high summer temps. Core aeration is the best because it helps bring vital nutrients back to the top of the soil. Opinion's vary from turf manager to turf manager on how often areation should be done. Some say annually others say every few years. I say every year. Simply based upon this, and this is my selling point. " It never hurts the turf it can only help it." It's like eating vegtables you may not feel the results but it sure helps over a lifetime." Take warning though on lawns that dont have good management practices becasue if you aerate in spring crabgrass love to grow in those cores. Fall is the best time.. based on this you figure if it's a must. It can really make a huge difference in the bottom line.
  5. Team Gopher

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    Here is a quote that has a different perspective on aeration from this post.

    "I will not be advocating aerating at all. I am in favor of using organic fertilizers that boost the respiration rate of the soil by encouraging biological microorganisms to multiply. They will take care of the aeration no problem. You will NOT have to add costly corrective procedures such as core aeration and dethatching for your lawn because they are completely unnecessary! These services are “Band-Aid” solutions to problems that are directly caused or worsened by the repetitive use of synthetic chemicals. As the soil life rejuvenates, the soil compaction will be naturally alleviated and any heavy thatch will be naturally digested. It’s that simple, the biological activity in a healthy soil is the most effective aerator and dethatcher that exists, and it does not charge you to do it. Why pay extra to have machines do a fraction of the work nature does for free! But if one of my customers really insists, I might still aerate. After all, there is good money in it."
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  8. Cheesedawg1

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    No wonder my lawn looks like S**t. I havent had it aerated in 6 years!
  9. TotalCareSolutions

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    Bobby, to answer your question: Absolutely!

    As a response to Organic Mans post referenced by Team Gopher:

    The statements are over simplified. Can you say ROOT ZONE!

    1) Core Aeration gets to the roots of the plants, where H2O & nutrients are carried up QUICKLY.

    2) Good deep watering can go straight to the roots...BAM!

    3) Certain microorganisms do feed on fungi responsible for plant disease AND the more diverse this microscopic 'wildlife' is the stronger your lawns resistance becomes, and while your organics arent as powerful as chemicals, the microorganisms DO compensate.....BUT they struggle to exist on a compacted lawn.

    4) The organic topdressings that are referred to are SO much better when they settle to the bottom of a nice core punched hole, carried of course by H2O!

    5) Dormant microorganisms can be revived by water carried INTO the soil by the hole of a core aeration.
  10. bob

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    I agree that aeration is important for a healthy lawn. I also agree aeration is important for my business. With a tow behind aerator, my wallet gets full real fast. Most customers already know about the benifits of aeration, so all I have to do is set up a time to perform the services.

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