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Chris Ke

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I was at a dealer luncheon yesterday and I was noticing the other LCO's that were there, myself included. And here is a question I came up with.

In your opinion how important is your image to your current and prospective customers?

Does a clean truck, clean equipment and a professional personal appearance really help your business?

If you think it does make a difference who is most influenced by it, commercial or residential?

I am having this running discussion with a friend of mine whose wife works for a home remodeling company. He says they charge more than anyone else and have more work than they can do because of their image and their "by the book" way of conducting business.

To give you a couple of examples everyone signs a book when they come to the job site saying what time they got there, what time they left, why they were there and what the weather was doing while they were there. They all wear the same uniforms and the project manager comes to the site everyday.

Now I realize some of these things would not apply to our business, but the theory behind them just may.

Professional forms, the ability to send them to the customer electronically, having everyone on the job wearing a company uniform and having clean well maintained equipment. In your opinion would these things be worth the effort? If you all of this and did a great job on the lawns could you charge more than if you just did a great job on the lawns?

I am just thinking out loud and was hoping for some of you other guys to give input.

Thanks and be safe out there.


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IMage is definitely important, but it will not keep a client for you. You have to be able to provide quality service and an end result that meets or exceeds the customers' expectations. Otherwise they will pay someone else to do your job, and they may not be as apt to base their decision on appearances alone.

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Image is very important. It is how John Q. Public sees you. It is how society sees you. It is how your business grows. Image is great for word-of-mouth business.


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I have had clients tell me personally that one of the factors in my gaining their account was my initial impression. I keep all of my equipment clean, I wear khakis with some sort of shirt with a collar. I bring extra shirts with me so I can change them when I sweat through them. A lot of my clients are older women, I think this sort of thing is vastly more important to them than say a grunge chick. Remember, perception is reality in the eyes of your customers.


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Quick question, How would you feel if a police officer pulled up to your car in short and a tank top to do your report? What if the fire department showed up dressed the same? Would really make you feel comfortable wouldn't it? I think that the LCO is just the same why, look unprofesional and you are.... at least most people judge by the cover. Doesn't mean it is right, they just do.


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I sure hope it makes a difference.

I just spent lots of bucks changing my company image.
New uniforms, Biz cards, software, billing, truck lettering, advertising, you know, the works.

Just got my shirts and caps in this week. Its lookin good.

I really want to grow in the business and I think this is an important step to being more than the average LCO.

We'll see........................

Chris Ke...Welcome to lawnsite........


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boise idaho
It's common sense image sells. If a company has a image problem they are going to have a extremely hard time surviving let alone doing good.

There is a major home builder in my area that builds one of the cheapest homes out there. Two years ago they hired this lady to change the image of the company. Pretty soon you would see limos with their name on it and hear adds on the radio about how they would take you in their limo to look at houses. Few months later they were selling tons of homes. They did nothing to improve the quality, just bumped up the perceived quality.

This only worked because we have a lot of people moving here, most the locals know the kind of work they do and avoid them.

My point is doing excellent work usually pays the bills. But if you want to be the best in your area you must make sure every aspect of your company reflects this.

Image is KING!!!!!!!