How important is professionalism?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by APLUS LAWN CARE, Mar 13, 2013.

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    Customers care about the math don't know the split as to if its 50-50 or what ever. At least that's what it seems like in my area. Yes the majority of my accounts, my customers want me because of the quality and i have picked up many accounts where my price was higher. But i also go on sales calls and give a price and get looked at like i'm nuts for asking what i'm asking to in their eyes cut grass. And the commercial market in my area isn't worth bidding for the most part. The key is to get the customers that want quality and can pay for it. And having a bunch of them grouped up so your not driving all around town or county to work. Both companies can make money if the owner knows how to do math. Honestly i've done the $2000 a month in equipment payments and don't ever plan on doing that again, ever.
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    Short answer....NO! Long answer....they prefer to not have an eyesore in front of their house, but will tolerate it. Ugly truth....nice new vehicle means they are overpaying. As to equipment....WTF do they know?
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    Never show up in an expensive car for that reason when doing estimates.

    New truck just say's to me the old truck got replaced. However showing up with a new truck with $2,000 in after market tires and wheels, and other bells and whistles say's I am getting over charged.
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    Probably not as much as we do, BUT they(especially high end clients) don't want someone who looks like a convict showing up in a faded out 20 year old truck puking oil and leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake.
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    The only real difference in your original post is the extra attention paid by the owner and part-time worker.

    Better customer service will win every time.*

    (*I know some customers only care about price, but let your competition have them.)

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