How important is signage/wraps/lettered trailers?

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    Guys how important is a moving billboard? Truck & trailer wrapped with all the contact info listed. Would a website be a better ROI? How many of you guys are getting leads from lettered trailers or wraps on the truck & trailer?

    I don’t have anything lettered or wrapped and I’ve got consistent work. Word of mouth, thumb tack and just by being in a neighborhood and doing good work. The reason I’m asking is I’m look at a new trailer this winter. And to get it wrapped is a small fortune. Just wondering if that money would be better spent elsewhere. Any thoughts?
  2. Matthews Lawn Care

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    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been called cuz someone got the info off my truck/trailer. It’s also a great way to close a sale. People are a lot more confident when you show up in uniform, lettered truck/trailer and know what you’re talking about. Not so much on a $50 lawn but a $3k+ install, it matters, a lot to new customers who do not know you.
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  3. kemco

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    Sign on the back of the trailer works well. We finally put one one this year it's already paid for itself a few times over . Have had both trucks doors lettered for years. Nothing real fancy. Three color vinyl.
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  4. kemco

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    I designed them myself just using my logo and some lettering on top. I think the doors ran me about $250 for a pair of them. They were shipped to me to "self install" it wasn't hard at all. I'd love a full wrap but imo it's absolutely not needed. Does it look good yes in most cases.

    Take brickman group for example. Very plain Jane door lettering for years. Same with LSG. Same with brightview. Nothing fancy. Just readable is what you need.
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  5. OP

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    Look at US Lawns. Plain Jane giant letters.
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    I would think anything you can do to have your name and number seen is good. Just depends on how much you want to grow. I just had so much success from word of mouth that I just never really put myself out there. That's just me, I know. I seem to feel way for confident keeping my business based on referrals. You almost never have an issue with that type of customer base as far as not getting paid etc. And generally a nice customer will refer another nice customer.

    Obviously if you want to be running crews, it's a good way to start by having a moving advertisement. It does look professional. You just have to get ready for a lot of tire kickers and time wasters. Running most of my career solo or with just one or two workers, I found that I picked up more than enough work without any advertising.
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  7. zlandman

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    I have no markings whatsoever. However if I was looking to expand I absolutely would plaster the side and back of trailers.
    Like @GSO LAWNEN4CER said big letters is where it's at. I see way too many truck with 2" tall letters I'm trying to read and just can't make it out, so you know nobody is glancing at it and taking notice.
    May want to make sure commercial truck tags are in place before showing off that fancy lettering.
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  8. Matthews Lawn Care

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    You should have commercial auto insurance regardless if you have lettering or not. All truck tags are “commercial” here. Doesn’t matter if it’s a personal or if it’s a biz. It all goes by weight and travel(local/beyond local). I’m sure every state is different tho but you should be legal weather or not you have lettering.

    Here is mine,

    980346AD-AC07-437C-AD50-BD1DC2FE2E78.jpeg D166D856-AC55-436F-88D0-73F3D55E953E.jpeg
  9. BigJlittleC

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    I bought some cheap fridge magnets with my logo on it. Stuck one on the back of the truck. Didn't even have my number just my logo which is my business name. Got 3 calls first month it was there saying they saw my truck and goggled my name. Sign is only 3 inches not that easy to see. A big sign and or wrap should be even better.
  10. Mudly

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    Sometimes it’s the law
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