How important is the name?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by CNYScapes, Sep 14, 2005.

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    I am thinking about using a catchy name for my new spray business. I already have a plain humdrum name for the landscaping and lawn mowing and i have been using it for years (CNY Landscapes). I think if I use a catchy new name for the spraying biz that it will create more interest with customers and I will hopefully get more work. What do you guys think, is it worth it (new signs,new DBA,new bank acct,new biz cards) to use a different name for the spray biz or should i just use my old name? :help:
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    Here's my take on it..........

    A company name isn't all that important to the customer,the kind of work you do IS.

    When a business reaches a certain size and exists on heavy,consistent marketing, then a name can make a difference.
  3. walker-talker

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    If you get a large share of your business through the yellow pages, you might consider something that starts with the letter "A". Something like "A Cut Above The Rest". Well, if it was for mowing something like that. I perfer to play on an existing well-known company for easy rememberance.

    A catchy phrase might not be as easy to remember as you think it might.
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    Hi CNYScapes,

    I like your name. I think something similar could help your businesses create synergy between the two.
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    Few things I'd like to add:

    1) Stay away from attempting to draw more customers with words such as 'Affordable' 'Economic' or anything that hints you are cheap. Although this WILL attract a larger base, I also feel you will regret this sooner or later. This way YOU can decide for yourself if you want to work cheaply or highly priced withOUT the name dictating the course of your future. To be honest, luxury or quality may not hurt BUT I stayed away from those myself JUST in case I didn't feel like living up to it later (you never know FOR SURE if you want to be ALL that).

    2) Being an S-named company, I can attest to the fact that an ad in the Yellowbook gets FEWER phonecalls BUT I am very busy right now and am enjoying a quiet phone. Look at BOTH your Yellow Pages AND the Yellow Book - Here in the Yellow Pages there are maybe 10 Lco's listed, in the Yellow Book it's closer to 200: I am switching to the yellow pages as I feel even a one-line text entry will do far better than my current box in the yellow book (and for a LOT less $$$).

    3) The name in and of itself is not ultimately THAT important meaning don't try to outsmart yourself BUT do think about it for some time until you come up with something you think you can LIVE with for a long, long time: The true secret of a business is longevity, people will remember the name REGARDLESS of what it is, the important thing is it needs to stay the SAME!
    Again for this reason a basic, no-bs name is probably the best thing while staying away from cuteness or fancy word play may not be a bad idea. SOME fancy wordplays work great but ultimately the customer will decide how great it looks and more than one smart owner found themselves OUTsmarted by an opposite or negative effect of what they intended.

    Just my thoughts...

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