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how is eric doing?

Discussion in 'Questions, Rules, Suggestions' started by ant, Jan 4, 2002.

  1. ant

    ant LawnSite Silver Member
    Messages: 2,466

    chuck:how is eric doing?
  2. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator
    Messages: 865

    This is an update I copied from Jay

    Well wishes for a friend - Eric ELM - New 1-4-02 (01-02-2002 until 03-02-2002)

    As some of you already know, the person who has played such a large role in the sharing
    of green industry information, among people across this small world, has suffered a heart

    Eric was brought to the hospital last night with major blockages in several arteries.
    Doctors were able to successfully perform surgery and improved some of the blockage,
    with more surgeries to follow.

    I know that I speak for thousands of people when I say that I wish him a speedy
    recovery and return to the seat of his DC, and the seat in front of his PC.

    Because of his condition, Eric won't be receiving any messages for several days. But this
    doesn't mean that we won't be making our well-wishes known. Paul has graciously agreed
    to collect and print 'get well e-mails' for Eric, which he will later deliver to Eric at the
    hospital. You can e-mail your well wishes to Paul at nelsongroup1@aol.com

    If you'd like to send Eric a card personally, you can do so by mailing it to:

    Sherman Hospital
    c/o Eric Erickson
    934 Center St.
    Elgin, IL 60120

    But PLEASE, with the care he is receiving, the hospital will only accept cards. No flowers,
    no gifts. At least not for now.

    One other note. Eric created this site so that people would have a chance to share
    information about the industry they love in a friendly atmosphere, and it's clear that he's
    done that. And while it is important to let him know with e-mails and cards what you
    feel, another important way to show your support for Eric is to post. Ask questions you
    haven't asked. Venture to answer questions you haven't answered before. Support Eric
    by using this great tool he created for us.

    Eric will be in all our hearts and minds until his return.

    Update 1-4-02

    Eric's wife is extremely touched by all the prayers and well wishes coming their way. She
    appreciates all of the support that they are getting from both forums. She has not been
    on the computer to read messages, but she knows that they're there and is anxious for
    her and Eric to read them. Eric seems to be more stable today. They are still running
    tests to assess any possible damage. They are keeping him under because his condition
    has him unaware of what's going on and he's unconciously combative with all tubes and
    wires. Things are looking positive, and that is due largely to Eric's strength, and all of the
    prayers. We will keep everyone posted, and thanks again for all of the prayers and well

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