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    hello everyone out ther this my frist thread I hope everone read this. I have been working in the lawn care business snice I was 13 years old and now I'm 26 years old.I live in imperial valley calfornia I hope everyone know were i'm located at. i have own equipment that is one redmax trimmer,one shindaiwa,two hand held and backpack blowers, two reel mowers,plus two ford trucks taht are f150 supercrew 4x4 and a ford ranger 4x2, finishing a 11x6 feet enclosed trailer. I have been having a idea that I will move myself to new england in a few years so if anyone can tell me how is work out there send me a thread. :waving:
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    I only have one question - Can we trade houses? California to New England? I'm just kidding! New England is pretty great. I moved to Connecticut from Florida in 2001 and have really enjoyed the change. But I was visiting the LA area quite often when I was working for Environmental Care and when I was out there I kept thinking..."it can't be like this every day!" And everyone said - "yep. Every day." It really is great out there but change is nice.

    As far as work goes, it's like any place else. It's competitive. But if you work hard, do quality work and have a good personality, you can build as big of a business as anywhere else.

    Good luck and let me know I can help with anything.


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