How is the degree of a hill determined?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MDLawnman, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. MDLawnman

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    The manual on most mowers states not to mow on a hill that exceeds 15 degrees. How do I determine a 15 degree hill? I ran across this after a Google search -

    That seems pretty confusing to me. Is there an easy way?
  2. KTO Enterprises

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    That is close to a 25 percent slope. That means for every 10 feet the slope drops 2 and a half feet. A 20% slope is 11 degrees
  3. Leaf Jockey

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    You could use a protractor to figure it out. You only need to see a 15 degree slope once so you get an idea of what its like. If the ground raises one foot in three feet of length then you are close. If the ground raises one foot in two feet then you are near 30 degrees. If the ground raises one foot in one foot then its a 45 degree angle. For mowing side to side 30 degrees is hanging off a tractor steep, and not possible with a ztr unless you don't mind uncontrolled sliding down a hill.


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